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On this page we list the current priorities for GEOS-Chem development. This list is continuously updated based on code readiness and input from the Working Groups and the Steering Committee. For history of past releases see the GEOS-Chem Versions wiki page.

Merged and awaiting release

See the links below for items merged and awaiting release.

Patch version in development Version in development
GEOS-Chem 14.2.1 GEOS-Chem 14.2.0

Feature integration in progress

Features listed in this table are actively being integrated into GEOS-Chem by the GEOS-Chem Support Team. In addition, we continuously implement structural updates in the model to maintain and develop coupling with other models including GEOS, CESM, and the model adjoint.

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Ease of implementation Notes and References
TOMAS in GCHP Betty Croft (Dalhousie) TOMAS Simple
Bug fix for TOMAS sulfate production rates Betty Croft (Dalhousie) TOMAS Simple
Update surface methane boundary condition using NOAA flask data Lee Murray (Rochester) Input data Simple
GCHP carbon simulation Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Carbon Medium
GEOS-IT meteorology Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) New meteorology option Medium
Cloud-J for computing photolysis rates Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) Photolysis Medium
Mass flux regridding fix in MAPL Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard)
Seb Eastham (MIT)
GCHP input regridding Medium
Improve pressure level computation for GCHP advection Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard)
Seb Eastham (MIT)
GCHP advection Medium
GCHP advection diagnostics Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP diagnostics Medium
Move Aerosol_Mod module variables to State_Chm Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) Aerosols Medium

Prioritized and in the queue

Features listed in this table are prioritized for integration into GEOS-Chem in the near future.

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Ease of implementation Delivery status Notes and References
New version of CEDS at 0.1 deg Dandan Zhang (WashU) Emissions Simple Delivered
Apr 2023
Update volcano emissions through 2022 Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) Emissions Simple Delivered
Sep 2023
KORUS-AQ emissions for East Asia (as an option) Katie Travis (NASA) Emissions Simple Delivered
Apr 2023
Global continental chlorine (pCl and HCl) emissions Bingqing Zhang (Georgia Tech)
Pengfei Liu (Georgia Tech)
Emissions Simple Delivered
Jul 2022
ALK4 & R4N2 chemistry Jared Brewer (UMN) Chemistry TBD Not delivered
Update reactions with new JPL & IUPAC recommendations Kelvin Bates (NOAA CSL) Chemistry Simple Delivered
Apr 2023
Parameterization of SNA and OM dry size Haihui Zhu (WashU) Aerosols Simple Delivered
Aug 2023

Ready to go in

Features listed in this table are ready to go in but have either not been delivered or are not yet prioritized for integration into GEOS-Chem.

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Delivery status Notes and References
Geologic emission of ethane and propane Matthew Rowlinson and Mat Evans(York) Emissions Delivered
Jan 2023
Updated 0.1x0.1 timezone file accounting for daylight savings Karn Vohra (UCL) Emissions
Ecophysiology module in GEOS-Chem for biosphere-atmosphere exchange Joey Lam(CUHK)
Amos Tai (CUHK)
Science Delivered
Feb 2021
LPJ land cover (global), fire (W US), dust emissions (SW N America), 1700-2100 Yang Li (Baylor University)
Loretta Mickley (Harvard)
Emissions Delivered
Jul 2021
  • Data involves many files- need to think about temporal frequency
MEIC (China regional) for 2000-2017 at 0.5x0.625 deg Shixian Zhai (Harvard) Emissions Delivered
  • Need permission from Qiang Zhang (Tsinghua U.) to distribute data
Online H2 chemistry Maria Paula Pérez-Peña (UNSW)
Jenny Fisher (UOW)
Dylan Millet (UMN)
Chemistry Delivered
June 2023

DMS Chemistry Linia Tashmim (UC Riverside)
William Porter (UC Riverside)
Chemistry Not delivered
Organic acids (RCOOH) Katie Travis (NASA) Chemistry Not delivered
Improve carbon & nitrogen conservation in reactions Kelvin Bates (Harvard) Chemistry Not delivered
  • the JPL kinetics package includes a lot of fixes to C & N conservation, but it won't *fully* solve the problem; there are three sets of reactions that still have some issues:

- aerosol formation reactions, because some of the lumping of species there allows compounds with different C# to form the same particle-phase lumped compounds; the aerosol reactions tend to favor N conservation over C conservation. We'd have to add (at least one) more particle-phase carbon-carrying compound(s) to fix this. - (H)CFC and other halocarbon oxidation reactions, which make halogen radicals but not carbon. We could easily fix this by sending all the carbon to CO2, but it barely makes a difference and I'm not entirely sure that's what they do... but I couldn't find easy literature to cite on that front. Our current reactions for those are simplified to one-step processes, e.g. OH + CHCl3 = 3.000Cl + HO2, so I do think it'd be fine to just add CO2 (or CO?) with them. - terpene nitrate reactions, which Jessica Haskins was working on for years now but doesn't like it sound has gone / is going anywhere. The terpene scheme that I came up with late last year would fix this, but I haven't yet taken that to the writeup stage... I met with Jessica last week and she's willing to give me access to her compiled field data for comparison, so I'm hopeful I can get to that soon.

Blowing snow sea salt in TOMAS Betty Croft (Dalhousie) Aerosols Not delivered
Australian anthropogenic Hg emissions Stephen MacFarlane (UOW)
Jenny Fisher (UOW)
Hannah Horowitz (U. Illinois)
Viral Shah (Harvard)
Hg simulation Not delivered
WRF-GC Hg simulation Xiaotian Xu (Nanjing U.)
Yanxu Zhang (Nanjing U.)
Hg simulation
Not delivered
Updated HgII gas-partical partitioning Kaiyun Liu (Tsinghua U.)
Qingru Wu (Tsinghua U.)
Shuxiao Wang (Tsinghua U.)
Hg simulation Not delivered
  • Should be option, not default
Dry deposition to F90 (readability) Chris Holmes (FSU) Dry deposition Not delivered

Almost there (< 6 months)

Features listed in this table are in development and will likely be delivered to the GEOS-Chem Support Team within the next 6 months.

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes and References
PPN+hv, PPN+OH Robert Ryan (UCL) Chemistry
MBO Michael Vermeuel (UMN) Chemistry
Stratospheric adjustment with RRTMG in GEOS-Chem Seb Eastham (MIT) Science

Migrating simple SOA formation from carbon_mod.F90 into the KPP "full-chemistry" mechanism Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Aerosols
  • Ongoing
Re-binning of off-line sea salt and dust for use in TOMAS Betty Croft (Dalhousie) Aerosols
Adaption of TOMAS' in-cloud aqueous sulfate production for KPP versus sulfate_mod.F90 Betty Croft (Dalhousie) Aerosols
ML algorithms for bulk aerosols Arshad Nair (SUNY Albany)
Fangqun Yu (SUNY Albany)
PM2.5 and PM10 calculations: aerodynamic vs geometric diameters Shixian Zhai (Harvard) Aerosols
Updates to Hodzic SOA scheme Jared Brewer (Harvard) Aerosols
Automated reduction in isoprene scheme Dan Westervelt (Lamont-Doherty) Aerosols
Brown carbon chemsitry Jingqiu Mao (U. Alaska)
Xuan Wang (CUHK)
GEOS resolution and subgrid convection - Part 2 RAS parameter tuning Tailong He (Toronto)
Dylan Jones (Toronto)
Andrea Molod (NASA GMAO)
High-res top-down TROPOMI-derived seasonal mean NOx emissions for China Jintai Lin (PKU) Emissions
  • Horizontal resolution: 5km, temporal resolution: JJA mean
  • monthly data will be available at a later stage; please contact us
Updated biomass burning emission factors and species Tess Carter (MIT) Emissions
Updated offline sea salt emissions Hongjian Weng (PKU)
Jintai Lin (PKU)
Canopy Physics Model Sam Silva (MIT) Emissions &
Assessment/improvement of OpenMP performance in GC-Classic and HEMCO standalone Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Model performance
  • Ongoing (will be done as time allows)
Retire all BPCH diagnostics Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Diagnostics
Assess memory leak in GCHP Killian Murphy (York) Model performance
Hybrid MPI-OpenMP in GCHP Seb Eastham (MIT)
Killian Murphy (York)
Model performance
Improve run directory templating and creation with and shared directories Jourdan He (WashU) Run directories
Table of CTM and online GCM properties: GCHP, GCC, GEOS-CTM, GC-Nested, online GEOS, GEOS-replay, etc GCST? Documentation

Over the horizon (6-12 months)

Features listed in this table are in development and will likely be delivered to the GEOS-Chem Support Team in the 6-12 months timeframe.

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes and References
Snow / Icy Bromine Becky Alexander (UW)
William Swanson (U. Alaska)
Shuting Zhai (UW)
Monoterpene oxidation scheme Jessica Haskins (MIT) Chemistry
Fire related VOCs including furans Lu Hu (UMT)
Lixu Jin (UMT)
Extension of UCX into the mesosphere Seb Eastham (MIT)
Eric Fleming (NASA)
Methane flux ingestion Eloise Marais (UCL) Chemistry
Dust non-sphericity impacts on surface chem and optical properties Inderjeet Singh (WashU) Aerosols
Size-resolved stratospheric aerosol Seb Eastham (MIT) Aerosols
Extend aerosol settling Eloise Marais (UCL) Aerosols
Stratospheric aerosol APM Fangqun Yu (SUNY) Aerosols
Plume-in-grid model Hongwei Sun (Harvard) Chemistry
Updated lightning NOx: Prescribe from ground and geostationary lightning flashes Lee Murray (Rochester) Emissions
Seb aircraft emissions beyond recent 2019 update Seb Eastham (MIT) Emissions
FRP-based fire emsisions for eastern US at 0.2 deg Charlie Fite (FSU) Emissions
Hg iodine chemistry Yiming Fu
Yanxu Zhang (Nanjing U.)
Hg simulation
Hg simulation in GCHP Ari Feinberg (MIT)
Lyssa Freese (MIT)
Hg simulation
Update Hg ocean and soil boundary conditions for consistency with new chemistry Yanxu Zhang (Nanjing U.) Hg simulation
Dry deposition diagnostics by land cover Holly Nowell (FSU) Diagnostics
Dry deposition process diagnostics Holly Nowell (FSU) Diagnostics
Isotope simulation for CO and CH4 in GCHP Lee Murray (Rochester) Carbon simulation
Updated bottom-up global CH4 oil, gas, and coal emissions (GFEI v3) Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard)
Tia Scarpelli (U. Edinburgh)
Zichong Chen (Harvard)
CH4 simulation
Modularization of aerosols code for interface with GOCART in GEOS Christoph Keller (GMAO) Structural
Improve load balancing in GCHP Seb Eastham (MIT) Model performance
Testing the use of monthly mean MERRA-2 CWC with Pb-210 aerosol tracer Bo Zhang (NIA)
Hongyu Liu (NIA / NASA Langley)
Testing the use of a new scavenging parameterization developed by Luo and Yu for cold cloud with Pb-210 aerosol tracer Gan Luo (SUNY Albany)
Fangqun Yu (SUNY-Albany)
Evaluate vertical mixing in GEOS-Chem with model-model and model-observation comparisons Seb Eastham (MIT)
Clara Orbe (NASA GISS)
Andrew Schuh (CSU)

Longer term (12-24 months)

Features listed in this table are in development and will likely be delivered to the GEOS-Chem Support Team in the 12-24 months timeframe.

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes and References
New soil NOx parameterization Yi Wang (U. Iowa)
Jun Wang (U. Iowa)
Updates to Aromatic chemistry Stephen MacFarlane (UOW)
Jenny Fisher (UOW)
Nitrate photolysis Mat Evans (York)
Thomas Sherwen (York)
Matthew Rowlinson (York)
In aerosol chemistry Halogens Mat Evans (York)
Hansen Cao (CU Boulder)
Benchmark box model of GC Chemistry Katie Travis (NASA) Chemistry
Alkyl nitrates Alk7, PHAN Katie Travis (NASA) Chemistry
Add stratospheric ozone species to full-chemistry simulations Lee Murray (Rochester) Chemistry
Perchlorate chemistry Yuk Chun Chan (UWAB) Chemistry
Explicit heterogeneous sulfate chemistry Katie Travis (NASA)
Becky Alexander (UT)
ISORROPIA-lite Becky Alexander (UW) Aerosols
HOx and ozone "emissions" from lightning as option in model to play with Jingqiu (Alaska)
Lee Murray (Rochester)
Sea salt aerosol from sea ice leads Hannah Horowitz (U. Illinois) Emissions
Drought-stress algorithm Wei Li (U. Houston)
Biomass burning injection height profiles Inderjeet Singh (WashU) Emissions
OCIM integration Chris Holmes (FSU)
Lee Murray (Rochester)
Updating landcover products in GEOS-Chem Chris Holmes (FSU)
Jeff Geddes (BU)
Input data
Dry deposition physical improvement Chris Holmes (FSU) Dry deposition
TOMAS WRF-GC in regional Thailand simulation Win Trivitayanurak (Chulalongkorn U) Aerosols