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GEOS-Chem Versions Page

This page includes information about GEOS-Chem 14.2.0. The GEOS-Chem model development priorities page lists additional developments that may be added.

Version overview

This version is currently in development

The following items have been added to GEOS-Chem 14.2.0. Also see the following Github pages:

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes and references
Updates that will affect full-chemistry benchmark simulations
Nitrate photolysis Viral Shah (NASA GMAO) Chemistry
Update VOC fire emissions and adding lumped furan Colette Heald (MIT)
Tess Carter (MIT)
Reinstate Iy sink reactions on alkaline sea salt aerosol and remove IONO2 recycling on alkaline sea salt aerosol Becky Alexander (UW) Chemistry
Fix sea salt alkalinity and heterogeneous acid-catalyzed halogen chemistry Becky Alexander (UW) Chemistry
Bug fix
Add S(IV)+HOBr and S(IV)+HOCl reactions into fullchem mechanism (they had been inadvertently omitted) Becky Alexander (UW) Chemistry
Bug fix
Prevent divide-by-zero error in sulfur chemistry Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) Chemistry
Bug fix
Bug fix: Initialize CO2 to a relevant value for full-chemistry Mike Long (GMAO)
Bob Yantosca (Harvard)
Bug fix
Fix bug in HOBr uptake rate calculation Viral Shah (GMAO) Chemistry
Bug fix
Change relative tolerance back to 0.5e-2 to address model slowdown from other 14.2.0 chemistry updates Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) Chemistry
Bug fix
Restore vertical allocation of CEDS energy and industry emissions Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) Emissions
Bug fix
Updates that will NOT affect full-chemistry benchmark simulations
Update entrainment-limited kinetics in clouds Chris Holmes (FSU) Chemistry
  • geos-chem PR #1292
  • NOTE: Will not affect benchmarks because this function is not currently used
Now use consistent behavior when the first call to the KPP integrator fails Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Chemistry
  • geos-chem PR #1609
  • NOTE: Will not affect simulations where no KPP integration errors occur.
Extend GFED4 biomass burning data through Oct 2022 Makoto Kelp (Harvard)
Bob Yantosca (Harvard)
  • geos-chem PR #1709
  • NOTE: Will not affect benchmarks, because the benchmark year is 2019, and we are only adding new years 2020-2022.
Add climatology option for GFED4 biomass burning emissions Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) Emissions
Add climatology option for lightning NOx Lee Murray (Rochester)
Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard)
Fixes for reading masks in HEMCO Bob Yantosca (Harvard)
Haipeng Lin (Harvard)
Bug fix
Remove computational bottlenecks in hco_calc_mod.F90 Bob Yantosca (Harvard) HEMCO
Bug fix
Add compatibility for NAG compiler in HEMCO Francis Vitt (NCAR)
Haipeng Lin (Harvard)
Updates and fixes for the CH4 simulation
  • Fix selection of troposphere-stratosphere boundary in global_ch4_mod.F90
  • Remove operator splitting in OH/Cl methane destruction
  • Updated loss frequencies for CH4 simulation
Todd Mooring (Harvard) CH4 & carbon simulations
Update global anthropogenic CH4 emissions to EDGARv7.0 Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) CH4 & carbon simulations
Methane emissions from hydropower reservoirs Kyle Delwiche (UC Berkeley)
Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard)
CH4 & carbon simulations
Add RxnConst diagnostic for archiving reaction rate constants Haipeng Lin (Harvard) Diagnostics
Store HEMCO restart files in the run directory Restarts/ subdirectory Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Structural
Reduce log file output in GEOS-Chem and HEMCO Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Structural
Remove NcdfUtil/perl directory from GEOS-Chem and HEMCO Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Structural
Restructure photolysis to abstract original Fast-JX Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) Structural
Remove array temporaries from seasalt_mod.F90 and carbon_mod.F90 Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Structural
Bug fix
Do not halt benchmark simulations and integration/parallel tests if there are missing species in restart files and/or boundary conditions Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Testing
Fix typo in Intel debug option in CMakeLists.txt Lee Murray (Rochester) GCC Build
Bug fix
Fix bug in global 0.25x0.3125 HEMCO standalone simulations Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) HEMCO standalone
Add run configuration files for WRF-GC Haipeng Lin (Harvard) WRF-GC
Use MODEL_CESM instead of HEMCO_CESM CPP switch in HEMCO Haipeng Lin (Harvard) HEMCO
Updates that will only affect GCHP
Use dry pressure in GCHP advection Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
GCHP bug fixes and run directory updates Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
Make FindESMF.cmake use consistent libs Sebastian Eastham (MIT) GCHP
Update GCHP check for python and bc libs to prevent error checking fail Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
Fix GCHP time_mod start and elapsed times Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
Fix error in pressure level edge construction Sebastian Eastham (MIT) GCHP

New data directories

The following data directories have been added or updated in this version. You will have to download the directories relevant to your simulation.

Inventory Simulations What was added? Directory
GFED4 biomass burning Several
  • Dry matter data and scale factors for additional years 2020 - Oct 2022
  • Climatology emissions for 2010-2019 and monthly mean emissions for 2007-2021 (current GFED4 record) generated by a 0.5x0.625 HEMCO standalone simulation
EDGARv7.0, GC_CH4_LOSS, ResME CH4 ExtData/HEMCO/CH4/v2023-04

1-month benchmarks


1-year benchmarks