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On this page we list the current priorities for GEOS-Chem development. This list was compiled by the user Working Groups at the last International GEOS-Chem Meeting (IGC8) in May 2017 and will be continuously updated based on code readiness and input from the Working Groups and the Steering Committee.

We also invite you to view our GEOS-Chem Support Team project management board on, which shows the current GCST workflow.

List of priorities as of May 2017

The items listed below are in different stages of readiness and will be included in future versions of the model.

Awaiting release

Items awaiting release will be part of the next version release of GEOS-Chem and are actively being incorporated into the standard model and benchmarked. More information on those items can be obtained on the GEOS-Chem v11-02 wiki page.

Item Author(s) Status
Science updates
Updating chemistry rate constants based on JPL Publication 15-10 Barron Henderson (U. Florida)
Mat Evans (U. York)
Oxidants and Chemistry WG
  • Included in v11-02a (Approved 12 May 2017 )
PAN updates (including emissions, deposition, species, chemistry) Emily Fischer (CSU)
  • Included in v11-02a (Approved 12 May 2017 )
Monthly mean NEI2011 emissions GCST
Katie Travis (Harvard)
  • Included in v11-02a (Approved 12 May 2017 )
Structural/programming updates

Ready to go in

Slated for inclusion in v11-02

The following items were prioritized for inclusion in GEOS-Chem v11-02.

Item Author(s) Type Status
Chemistry updates
Updates to isoprene chemistry, includes:
  • Fast photolysis of carbonyl nitrates
  • Aerosol uptake of organic nitrates
  • Updated organic deposition
  • Remove dependence of species drydep on HNO3 drydep
Jenny Fisher (U. Wollongong)
Eloïse Marais (Harvard)
Katie Travis (Harvard)
Kelvin Bates (Caltech)
Rebecca Schwantes(Caltech)
  • Delivered to GCST (Mar 2017)
  • Slated for v11-02c
Enhance default GEOS-Chem simple SOA Sal Farina (Colorado State)
Aerosol Working Group Chairs
  • Delivered to GCST (Apr 2017)
  • Slated for v11-02c
Add aqueous isoprene uptake to SOA scheme Eloise Marais (Harvard) Science
  • Delivered to GCST (Jul 2016)
  • Slated for v11-02c
Carbon balance (fix C creation) Sarah Safieddine (MIT) Bug fix
  • Delivered to GCST (May 2017)
  • Slated for v11-02c
Script for checking N, C, etc. balance in chemistry mechanism Barron Henderson (EPA) Software
Halogen chemistry updates Tomás Sherwen (York)
Johan Schmidt (Harvard)
Oxidants and Chemistry WG
  • Delivered to GCST (Jun 2017)
  • Slated for v11-02d
Sulfur oxidation by reactive halogens Qianjie Chen (UW) Science
  • Slated for v11-02d
  • Implement as part of halogen chemistry
Update density of BC to 1.8 and add absorption enhancement factor in input.geos Xuan Wang (MIT) Science
Monthly mean surface methane distributions Lee Murray (NASA GISS/LDEO) Science
Remove initial stratospheric 2D mixing ratio option Seb Eastham (Harvard) Science
UCX stratospheric water boundary condition update Chris Holmes (UC Irvine)
Seb Eastham (Harvard)
  • Slated for v11-02e
  • Delivered to GCST (Jan 2017)
Metal catalyzed oxidation of SO2 (as a switch) Becky Alexander (UW) Science
Spatially varying OM/OC Sajeev Philip (Dalhousie/NASA Ames) Science
  • Slated for v11-02e
  • Delivered to GCST (May 2017)
Radon flux diagnostic GCST Benchmarking
Mercury updates
Updates to Hg chemistry from Horowitz et al. (2017) Hannah Horowitz (U. Washington)
Colin Thackray (Harvard)
Rebecca Stern (Harvard)
Year 2010 ocean Hg boundary conditions from ocean model Hannah Horowitz (Harvard) Science
Historical products emissions from Zhang et al. (2016), should become default Colin Thackray (Harvard) Science
Transport updates
GEOS resolution & subgrid convection Karen Yu (Harvard) Science
Emission updates
OMI-based Volcanic emissions 2005-2012 Jun Wang (U. Iowa) Science
  • Delivered to Christoph Keller?
EDGAR v4.3.1 emissions Chi Li (Dalhousie) Science
  • Delivered to GCST (Nov 2016)
EPA-derived BC/OA emissions over US (1990-2012) David Ridley (MIT)
Chi Li (Dalhousie)
  • Need to coordinate between Ridley and Li versions
Historical CAC emissions Chi Li (Dalhousie) Science
  • Delivered to GCST (Nov 2016)
Ammonia emissions from Arctic seabirds Betty Croft (Dalhousie) Science
Ocean ammonia emission inventory Fabien Paulot (NOAA/GFDL) Science
  • Data files delivered to GCST (Jan 2016)
  • Needs to be implemented via HEMCO
A snow NOx source from deep snowpack Maria Zatko (UW)
Becky Alexander (UW)
  • Implemented in v9-01-01
  • Needs to be added as a HEMCO extension
MASAGE inventory in HEMCO as default Fabien Paulot (NOAA/GFDL)
Amos Tai (CUHK)
Non-agricultural NH3 for use with MASAGE Amos Tai (CUHK) Science
Radon emission update Bo Zhang (NIA/NASA Langley) Science
Global ethane emissions Zitely Tzompa-Sosa (CSU) Science
  • Delivered to GCST (May 2017)
Inefficient combustion emissions in Africa (DICE-Africa inventory) Eloise Marais (U. Birmingham)
Christine Wiedinmyer (NCAR)
Trash burning emissions Eloise Marais (U. Birmingham)
Christine Wiedinmyer (NCAR)
GFAS biomass burning emissions Mat Evans (York) Science
MEIC emissions over China Jonathan Moch (Harvard), Loretta Mickley (Harvard) Science
Anthropogenic PM2.5 dust source Sajeev Philip (Dalhousie) Science
  • Delivered to GCST (Mar 2017)
Deposition/surface updates
Harmonizing Henry's Law coefficients across wet and dry deposition GCST Science
Sedimentation of stratospheric aerosols Sebastian Eastham (Harvard) Science
Wet scavenging in mixed-phase clouds Bo Zhang (NIA/NASA Langley) Science
Specialty simulation updates
Oxidant fields from v10 for 2006-2012
  • 3D chemical source for CO2, CO
  • OH for tagged CO & CH4
Dylan Jones (UofT) Science
  • Will make data files available on ftp site
Updated Tagged CO simulation Jenny Fisher (Wollongong) Science
India nested-grid for GEOS-5 Sreleekha Chaliyakunnel (U. Minnesota) Science
Africa nested-grid for GEOS-5 Eloise Marais (U. Birmingham) Science
West Africa nested-grid for GEOS-FP Mat Evans (York)
Eleanor Morris (York)
Tagged sulfate simulation Becky Alexander (UW) Science
Sea salt aerosol alkalinity Becky Alexander (UW) Science
AMAP/UNEP 2035 for Hg simulation Helene Angot (MIT) Science
Arsenic simulation Shiliang Wu (MT) Science
Structural updates
Uniformity of units GCST Structural
  • Phase 2 (unit uniformity throughout chemistry) to be implemented after Flexchem
  • Phase 3 (unit uniformity in some specialty simulations) will be implemented in pieces with input from 3rd party developers
  • Phase 4 (removal of area and area-dependent State_Met variables) will be ongoing
ObsPack diagnostic as netCDF replacement for planeflight_mod.F Andy Jacobson, NOAA/ESRL Structural
  • Delivered to GCST (May 2017)
NetCDF Output Phase 3a: Output diagnostics in NetCDF format GCST Structural
NetCDF Output Phase 3b: Updates to eliminate differences between single and multi-segmented GEOS-Chem runs GCST
Christoph Keller
Bug fix/Structural
Expansion of model capabilities
Additional modifications for FlexChem, including:
  • Rebuild the pre-built chemistry mechanisms (Standard, Tropchem, UCX, SOA, SOA-SVPOA) with Kppa
  • Add capability for custom chemistry mechanism by building KPP on-the-fly in GEOS-Chem
Mike Long (Harvard)
FlexGrid: Use HEMCO I/O and regridding capabilities to read and regrid met fields Jiawei Zhuang (Harvard)
Jintai Lin (PKU)
  • Delivered to GCST (Oct 2016)
Update ISORROPIA from v2.0 to v2.2, in order to remove persistent noise in output Seb Eastham (Harvard) Science

Defer to v11-03 unless ready in time for v11-02

Item Author(s) Type Status
VBS SOa option Rokjin Park (SNU) Science
Benchmark of stratospheric simulation Dylan Jones (U. Toronto) Benchmarking
  • 1-yr benchmarks for GEOS-Chem v11-01d and later include comparisons with OSIRIS O3
  • Waiting on OSIRIS NO2 data
  • Waiting on comparisons with ACE-FTS data

Not prioritized for v11-02

Item Author(s) Type Status
Sea salt emission from sea ice Jiayue Huang (UW) Science
Re-evaluation of SST dependence of sea salt emissions Jiayue Huang (UW) Science
Update MODIS LAI fields through 2015 Barron Henderson (UF) Science
Lightning NOx chemistry parameterization Alicia Gressent (MIT) Science

Almost there (< 6 months)

Item Author(s) Type Status
Aromatics and dicarbonyl chemistry William Porter (MIT)
Tzung-May Fu (PKU)
Diagnostic for species lifetime GCST Science
Document chemical mechanism in KPP file Mat Evans (York) Structural
Carbon bottom up fluxes: anthro, ocean, land Kevin Bowman (JPL) Science
GISS-GC (ICECAP/GCAP2) in standard model + benchmark Lee Murray (Rochester)
Eric Leibensperger (SUNY Plattsburgh)
CESM-GC offline coupling in standard model + benchmark Rokjin Park (SNU)
Daniel Rothenberg (MIT)
CESM-GC GCHP Daniel Rothenberg (MIT) Science
Injection height for fire emissions Juliet Zhu (CSU)
Emily Fischer (CSU)
Diurnal variability for NH3 Henze group Science
EPA NEI2011 Version EK Zitely Tzompa-Sosa (CSU)
Emily Fischer (CSU)
OH + NO2 rate update Barron Henderson (EPA) Science
N2O5 hydrolysis updates Viral Shah (UW) Science
Land cover module: Harmonized biosphere-atmosphere exchange and implementing CLM or manual land cover change experiments Jeff Geddes (BU) Science
H2 chemistry in UCX Chris Holmes (FSU) Science
Uptake of HNO3 onto coarse-mode sea salt Prasad Kasibhatla (Duke) Science
Photolysis of NITs Prasad Kasibhatla (Duke) Science
PCB simulation Colin Thackray (Harvard)
Carey Friedman (formerly MIT)
Helen Amos (formerly Harvard)

New EDGAR sectoral inventory for Hg (1970-2012) Amanda Giang (MIT) Science
Wet deposition parameterizations: pH dependency, Henry's law coefficients, etc. Sarah Safieddine (MIT)
Archive GISS met fields from RCP scenarios for community Lee Murray (Rochester) Science
Online O3-LAI coupling in GEOS-Chem Amos Tai (CUHK) Science
Clean up SOA diagnostics GCST Structural
Calculation consistency throughout code: surface area, HGF (via species database) GCST Structural

Over the horizon (6-12 months)

Item Author(s) Type Status
GISS-GC GCHP Lee Murray (Rochester) Science
Dynamic fire modeling/prediction Shiliang Wu (MNT) Science
Interannually varying ocean model BCs for Hg from ocean model Colin Thackray (Harvard) Science
PAH & PFCA simulations Peter Ivatt (York)
Mat Evans (York)
Noelle Selin (MIT)
Colin Thackray (Harvard)
CH4 in full chemistry simulation Seb Eastham (Harvard) Science
Standard future land use maps (PFT, LAI) for RCP/CMIP6 simulations Colette Heald (MIT)
Loretta Mickley (Harvard)
Archive GISS met fields from CMIP6 scenarios for community Lee Murray (Rochester) Science
Updates to cold-temperature deposition Lyatt Jaegle (UW) Science
Simple parameterization for CO2-O3 dependence of stomatal resistance Amos Tai (CUHK) Science
NH3 emissions over China Lin Zhang (PKU) Science
Using GEOS-Chem within GEOS-5 Loretta Mickley (Harvard) Science
Carbon cycle outputs in xCO2, xCH4 as a diagnostic Beata Bukosa (Wollongong)
Dylan Jones (UofT)
Seasonal EMEP emissions back to 1980 Mat Evans (York) Science
Updates to NO2 dry deposition Brian Boys (Dalhousie) Science
APM update and integration with most recent GEOS-Chem version Gan Luo (SUNY Albany) Structural
Cosmogenic tracer production Lee Murray (Rochester) Science
Explore resolution-consistent dust emissions
  • Make high-res concentrations or mass fluxes available offline, implement in met field processing
David Ridley (MIT)
Nested Model WG
Dust emissions at nested-grid resolutions Yuxuan Wang (U. Houston)
Jun Wang (U. Iowa)
  • Check for overlap with resolution-consistent dust emissions above
Update SO2 scavenging in convective updrafts for consistency Duncan Fairlie (NASA/LARC) Science

Longer term (12-24 months)

Item Author(s) Type Status
GCHP stretched grid Jiawei Zhuang (Harvard) Science
1/8 degree nested-grid simulations with GEOS-FP Nested Model WG Science
  • Wait for more interest
Embedding GEOS-Chem into CESM Jean-Francois Lamarque (NCAR) Science
Adjoint of carbon cycle simulation in GCHP Kevin Bowman (JPL) Science
Isoprene chemistry v2 (new Caltech update) Kelvin Bates (Caltech) Science
Contemporary land cover: developing historical and updated GEOS-Chem land cover maps based on satellite remote sensing Jeff Geddes (BU) Science
Farquhar-Ball-Barry model to calculate stomatal resistance Amos Tai (CUHK)
Jeff Geddes (BU)
Impacts of chemistry on ecosystem/carbon cycle Kevin Bowman (JPL)
Anthony Bloom (JPL)
Improved lightning emission scheme Lee Murray (Rochester) Science
Resolution-independent lightning NOx Lee Murray (Rochester) Science
Bidirectional NH3 emissions Juliet Zhu (CSU) Science
Country-based weekday/weekend variability for EDGAR 4.2 Lee Murray (Rochester)
Christoph Keller (Harvard)
Update keytone photolysis Jared Brewer (CSU)
Emily Fischer (CSU)
Small alkyl nitrates Jenny Fisher (Wollongong) Science
YIBS-GC chemistry-biosphere-fire coupling Loretta Mickley (Harvard)
Xu Yue (IAP)
Nitrogen-LAI coupling Lin Zhang (PKU)
Amos Tai (CUHK)
Implementing humidity/VPD dependence of dry deposition Jennifer Murphy (U. Toronto) Science
SO2 wet scavenging Duncan Fairlie (NASA Langley) Science
Heterogeneous sulfate production Lin Zhang (PKU)
Becky Alexander (UW)
Yuxuan Wang (U. Houston)
MOSAIC implementation Sebastian Eastham (Harvard) Science
Particle size climatology Fangqun Yu (SUNY Albany) Science
Sea salt/dust size distribution David Ridley (MIT)
Colette Heald (MIT)
Updates to GTMM Rebecca Stern (Harvard) Science
Tracer transport ocean Chris Holmes (FSU) Science
Include Hg in full chemistry simulation Noelle Selin (MIT) Science
Goddard seasonal weather prediction in GCHP Kevin Bowman (JPL) Science
Climate index diagnostics (drought, etc.) Chemistry-ecosystems-climate WG Structural
Joint CO/CO2/CH4 simulation Nicholas Deutscher (U. Wollongong) Science
Carbon coupling: oceans and terrestrial models Chris Holmes (FSU) Science
  • Ocim-pure physical transport, ECCO-Darwin ocean biogeochemistry
DMS oxidation scheme updating Qianjie Chen (UW)
Chemistry WG
Limiting NH3 uptake due to OA Rachel Silvern (Harvard) Science

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