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On this page we list the current priorities for GEOS-Chem development. This list is continuously updated based on code readiness and input from the Working Groups and the Steering Committee. For history of past releases see the GEOS-Chem Versions wiki page.

Merged and awaiting release

See the links below for items merged and awaiting release.

Mergeable at any time Version in development
GEOS-Chem no-diff-to-benchmark GEOS-Chem 14.5.0

Feature integration in progress

Features listed in this table are actively being integrated into GEOS-Chem by the GEOS-Chem Support Team. In addition, we continuously implement structural updates in the model to maintain and develop coupling with other models including GEOS, CESM, and the model adjoint.

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Ease of implementation Notes and References
ALK4 & R4N2 chemistry Jared Brewer (UMN) Chemistry Simple
Fix pressure handling in HEMCO standalone Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) HEMCO Simple
New soil NOx parameterization Yi Wang (Iowa)
Jun Wang (Iowa)
Emissions Medium
Fix obspack - not working in 14.4.0 Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Diagnostics Medium
Cloud-J v8.0 including UV H2O absorption Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard)
Michael Prather (UCI)
Photolysis Medium
Make GC-Classic bit-for-bit reproducible upon restart Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GC-Classic Medium
Capture all trop and PBL height changes in budget diagnostics Chris Holmes (FSU)
Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard)
Diagnostics Medium

Prioritized and in the queue

Features listed in this table are prioritized for integration into GEOS-Chem in the near future.

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Ease of implementation Delivery status Notes and References
Retire CH4, CO2, tagCO simulations in favor of carbon simulation Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) Carbon gases Simple
New version of CEDS at 0.1 deg Dandan Zhang (WashU) Emissions Simple Delivered June 2024
Chemistry for RCOOH, updated monoterpenes, new PNs and ANs Katie Travis (NASA)
Kelvin Bates (CU Boulder)
GC-Classic Simple Delivered June 2024
Use USTAR read from GEOS instead of calculating from U10M and V10M Yuanjian Zhang (WashU) Emissions Simple Delivered June 2024
  • HEMCO PR #279
  • NOTE: Mass tuning factors must be recomputed for each met field & resolution (GCClassic)
Correct the issue that injection height has been artifically decreased by HEMCO Yuanjian Zhang (WashU) Emissions Simple Delivered June 2024
PPN photolysis Bex Horner (UCL) Chemistry Medium Delivered June 2024

Ready to go in

Features listed in this table are ready to go in but have either not been delivered or are not yet prioritized for integration into GEOS-Chem.

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Delivery status Notes and Refereneces

Binary Activity Thermodynamic (BAT) model for non-ideal mixing of water and organics in organic aerosol Camilo Serrano (McGill)
Andreas Zuend (McGill)
Aerosols Not delivered
Update UCX to include gravitational settling of aerosol species beyond just BCPI Conor Barker (UCL)
Eloise Marais (UCL)
Aerosols Not delivered
Comment back in Ca, Mg, and K cations in aerosol thermo (HETP) Becky Alexander (UW) Aerosols Not delivered
Seasalt aerosol from sea ice leads (2002-2011) Hannah Horrowitz (UIUC) Aerosols Not delivered
  • Offline and online, ready to go in HEMCO (optional in addition to existing seasalt emissions)
Fire and anthropogenic emissions not currently turned on (monoterpenes, 1-butadiene etc.) Katie Travis (NASA)
Kelvin Bates (CU Boulder)
Emissions Not delivered
Global organic N dep from various emissions; nitrate aromatics updates May Fu (SUSTech) Chemistry +
Not delivered
Dry deposition to F90 to improve readability Chris Holmes (FSU) Dry Deposition Not delivered
Ecophysiology module in GEOS-Chem for biosphere-atmosphere exchange Joey Lam (CUHK)
Amos Tai (CUHK)
Dry deposition Delivered
Feb 2021
FRP-based fire emissions for eastern US at 0.2 (2019-2020) Chris Holmes (FSU) Emissions Not delivered
China agriculture NH3 emissions Amos Tai (CUHK) Emissions Not delivered
T-dependent anthropogenic VOCs May Fu (SUSTech) Emissions Not delivered
  • Option. Requires processing existing anthropogenic VOC emissions to generate offline emissions to read in. Parameterised for China.
New source functions for transport tracers beryllium-7 and beryllium-10 Minjie Zheng (ETH) Emissions Delivered
June 2024
LPJ land cover (global), fire (W US), dust emissions (SW N America), 1700-2100 Yang Li (Baylor U)
Loretta Mickley (Harvard)
Emissions Delivered
  • Data involves many files- need to think about temporal frequency
Australian Hg emissions (2000-2019) Stephen MacFarlane (Wollongong)
Jenny Fisher (Wollongong)
Emissions Not delivered
  • MacFarlane et al. (2024)
  • Includes emissions from black and brown coal power plants, various metal production/processing sources (Aluminium, gold, copper, lead, etc), waste products, cement production, oil refining and petroleum, chlor alkali plants, and cremation
Hg geogenic emissions (volcanic, rock weathering) Eric Roy (MIT) Emissions Not delivered
Hg biomass burning - FINN2.5 & GFED4 Eric Roy (MIT) Emissions Not delivered
BCC-GC online Lin Zhang (PKU) External Model Not delivered
GC-YIBS with online fire emissions Xu Yue (NUIST)
Hong Liao (NUIST)
External Model Not delivered
GISS-GC offline (GCAP) Lee Murray (Rochester) GCAP Not delivered
Archived TCR-2 OH fields for carbon simulations Kazu Miyazaki (JPL) Input data Not delivered
  • This will be the default OH, but users will have the option of selecting other OH fields

Almost there (< 6 months)

Features listed in this table are in development and will likely be delivered to the GEOS-Chem Support Team within the next 6 months.

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes and References
Dust non-sphericity impacts on optical properties Inderjeet Singh (WashU) Aerosols
Fixes to stratospheric aerosol settling Connor Barker (UCL)
Eloise Marais (UCL)
DMS chemistry in v14 Linia Tashmim (UCR)
Will Porter (UCR)
KPP standalone + 3D Interface Obin Sturm (USC) Chemistry
NO2+OH+H2O kinetics Mat Evans (York) Chemistry
LSODES solver in KPP for faster kinetics Haipeng Lin (Harvard) Chemistry
Load balancing in chemistry solver (GCHP) Zhouran Sun (WashU) Chemistry +
Active chemistry in mesosphere for both GCHP and GCClassic Helena McDonald (MIT)
Sebastian Eastham (ICL)
Updated aromatic oxidation Stephen MacFarlane (Wollongong)
Jenny Fisher (Wollongong)
MCO3 uptake by cloud forming MP; leading to lower PAN Laura Yang (Harvard) Chemistry
Implement isotope simulation for CH4 in the carbon simulation Lee Murray (Rochester) Chemistry
  • Will have to change negative emissions from soil to a first-order loss process
Documentation for adding additional aerosol species Connor Barker (UCL) Documentation
Column diagnostics Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard)
Viral Shah (GMAO)
TOMAS rate diagnostics -- improve performance Betty Croft (WashU/Dal) Diagnostics +
Archive gamma values from heterogeneous chemistry Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Diagnostics
RRTMG Documentation GCST Documentation
Canopy Physics Model Sam Silva (MIT) Dry Deposition
Dry deposition diagnostics by land cover Holly Nowell (FSU)
Chris Holmes (FSU)
Dry Deposition
Dry deposition process diagnostics Holly Nowell (FSU)
Chris Holmes (FSU)
Dry Deposition
Biomass burning for TOMAS Nicole June (CSU) Emissions +
Historic biomass burning (1750-2010) Pengfei Liu (Georgia Tech) Emissions
Rice methane emissions Zichong Cheng (Harvard) Emissions+
Carbon simulation
Updated bottom-up global CH4 oil, gas, and coal emissions (GFEI v3) Tia Scarpelli (Carbon Mapper)
Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard)
New prior CO2 biospheric fluxes from CMS-FLUX and GMAO Kevin Bowman (JPL)
Lesley Ott (GMAO)
  • GMAO can provide high-resolution fluxes (as high as 12 km)
Snowpack Br2 emission Chris Holmes (FSU) Emissions
EDGAR v8.1_toxHg emissions for 1970-2022 Eric Roy (MIT) Emissions
Improve pressure handling in GCHP advection Yuanjian Zhang (WashU)
Seb Eastham (ICL)
Add error trap for duplicate scale factors in HEMCO Bob Yantosca (Harvard) HEMCO
Integration testing: Add stretched grid Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) Quality Assurance
Integration testing: Add GCHP mass flux run Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) Quality Assurance
Integration testing: Add run with all diagnostics turned on GCST Quality Assurance
Integration testing: Reinstate TOMAS40 Betty Croft (Dalhousie/WashU) Quality Assurance
Strat-adjusted RF in GCC and GCHP Connor Barker (UCL)
Eloise Marais (UCL)
Continue cleanup of C-preprocessor switches Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) Structural
Updates to Luo deposition scheme Gan Luo (Albany) Wet Deposition
  • New version, keep as switch (not default)
Testing the use of a new scavenging parameterization developed by Luo and Yu for cold cloud with Pb-210 aerosol tracer Gan Luo (Albany)
Fangqun Yu (Albany)
Wet Deposition

Over the horizon (6-12 months)

Features listed in this table are in development and will likely be delivered to the GEOS-Chem Support Team in the 6-12 months timeframe.

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes and References
ML algorithms for bulk aerosol Arshad Nair (Albany)
Fangqun Yu (Albany)
Heterogeneous sulfate chemistry Katie Travis (NASA) Chemistry
H2 as an active species Seb Eastham (ICL) Chemistry
HCN, acetonitrile as fire tracers Kevin Bates (CU Boulder) Chemistry
Implement ethane in carbon simulation Yuzhong Zhang (Westlake) Chemistry
Mesospheric source of CO Dylan Jones (UofT)
Pam Wales (NASA GSFC)
Drought-stress algorithm Wei Li (Houston) Emissions
Physically-based resolution correction for BVOC emissions using MEGAN May Fu (SUSTech) Emissions
Canadian forest fire prediction system (Canada government forecast model) Robin Stevens (Montreal) Emissions
Cooking emissions (not biofuel) Kelvin Bates (CU Boulder) Emissions
State-specific annual emissions scaling factors (US) (1990-2021) Ishir Dutta (MIT) Emissions
GISS-GC online Lee Murray (Rochester) External model
Hybrid MPI-OpenMP in GCHP Seb Eastham (MIT)
Killian Murphy (York)
Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard)
MAPL3: Update to MAPL3 in GCHP, including replacement of ExtData.rc and HISTORY.rc with YAML files Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
MAPL3: Comply with MAPL "positive" standard in GCHP diagnostic files Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
MAPL3: Wildcards in GCHP History Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
MAPL3: Output emissions with positive up convention in GCHP Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
Assessment/improvement of OpenMP performance in GC-Classic and HEMCO standalone Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Performance
Photophysical oxidation of aldehydes Paulo Sebastianelli (Wollongong)
Jenny Fisher (Wollongong)
DMS updates Will Porter (UCR) Chemistry
Furans emission and chemistry Lixu Jin (Montana)
Lu Hu (Montana)
Chemistry +
Cl2 prodcution from Fe aerosol Qianjie Chen (HK Poly)
Becky Alexander (UW)
VCP emissions Kevin Bates (CU Boulder) Emissions
Bidirectional land-atmosphere exchange for Hg Yuying Cui (MIT/Tsinghua) Hg simulation
OH covariances for inversions Elise Penn (Harvard) Inversions
CESM2-GC offline Seb Eastham (ICL)
Lee Murray (Rochester)
Met fields
Re-binning of off-line sea salt and dust for TOMAS Betty Croft (Dalhousie) Microphysics
TOMAS nucleation updates Sam O'Donnell (CSU) Microphysics
Stratospheric aerosol APM Fangqun Yu (SUNY Albany) Microphysics
Transition from MERRA-2 to GEOS-IT for benchmarking Yuanjian Zhang (WashU) Quality Assurance
Automate integration testing on AWS Yidan Tang (WashU) Quality Assurance
Integration testing: Add across end of year run GCST Quality Assurance
Integration testing: Add GEOS-IT Yuanjian Zhang (WashU) Quality Assurance
Separate mixing, emissions, and drydep Yuanjian Zhang (WashU) Structural
Intel IFX compiler Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Structural
CMake option to only build libraries but not executable, also passing C-preprocessor statements to turn off code Bob Yantosca (Harvard)
Lee Murray (Rochester)
Remove differences introduced when breaking up GC-Classic runs in time; and flexible precision in HEMCO Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) Structural
Limit allocation of State_Met to what is needed per simulation Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) Structural
Using 3-D precipitation fluxes to calculate precipitation formation and re-evaporation in scavenging (to be consistent with GEOS/GOCART & ground precipitation) Gan Luo (Albany)
Hongyu Liu (NIA/LaRC)
Bo Zhang (NIA/LaRC)
Wet deposition

Longer term (12-24 months)

Features listed in this table are in development and will likely be delivered to the GEOS-Chem Support Team in the 12-24 months timeframe.

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes and References
Modal aerosol model (MAM7) in GCHP Shreya Sharma (MIT) Aerosols
Online OCIM ocean biogeochemistry Lee Murray (Rochester)
Hannah Horowitz (UIUC)
Chris Holmes (FSU)
Perchlorate chemistry Yuk Chun Chan (UW) Chemistry
Non-stomatal dry deposition (2-layer canopy model) Michael Vermeuel (Purdue) Dry Deposition
Continental chloride particle emissions (salty dust, road salt) Jessica Haskins (Utah) Emissions
Multivolatility emission inventory to address gaps in EDGAR/HTAP etc. Ruochong (Tshingua) Emissions
Lightning NOx production rates Bex Horner (UCL) Emissions
HFO and CF3CHO Beth Killen (Wollongong)
Jenny Fisher (Wollongong)
Glyoxal updates from isoprene Tzung-May Fu (SUSTech) Chemistry
Iodine chemistry Becky Alexander (UW)
Xuan Wang (CUHK)
GFED5 biomass burning Eric Roy (MIT) Emissions
Ocean Hg surface concentrations for 2010-2020 from multi-model ensemble Eric Roy (MIT)
Ari Feinberg (IQF-CSIC)
Hg simulation
Soil Hg emissions 2010-2020 Eric Roy (MIT)
Ari Feinberg (IQF-CSIC)
Hg simulation
Air-sea exchange parameterization Eric Roy (MIT) Hg simulation
Soil Hg emissions parameterization Ari Feinberg (IQF-CSIC) Hg simulation
Sea salt uptake of GOM Eric Roy (MIT) Hg simulation
Photoreduction rate constant Eric Roy (MIT) Hg simulation
New observations (2010-2020) in standardized Hg benchmark for intercomparison Eric Roy (MIT)/Ari Feinberg (IQF-CSIC) Hg simulation
Hg simulation in GCHP Eric Roy (MIT) Hg simulation
OCIM - biogeochemical model - (C/P/N/Fe - no Hg yet) (MATLAB) Hannah Horowitz (UIUC) Hg simulation
Possibly updating Hg oxidation chemistry based on Utah field campaigns Jessica Haskins (Utah) Hg simulation
New halogen/aerosol fields (surface area / AOD) from 10-year 14.4 benchmark simulation available online Viral Shah (NASA GMAO); Eric Roy (MIT); Ari Feinberg (IQF-CSIC) Input data
Extend IMI to CO2 (ICI) Hannah Nesser (JPL) Inversions
Global emission inventory of metals Tzung-May Fu (SUSTech); He Zhong Tian (Peking Normal U) Metals simulation
Investigate and improve performance of aerosol chemistry Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Performance
PAH - update from version 11 Lexia Cicone (MIT) POPs simulation
Species database more accessible; doc updates; TOL discussion Jessica Haskins (Utah) Structural
Stretched-grid plotting in GCPy Killian Murphy (York) Tools
Model inter-comparison of transport (GEOS, GCHP, GCClassic) Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard), Emma Knowland (NASA) Transport
Comparing mass fluxes in GCHP vs. traditional lat/lon wind Yuanjian Zhang (WashU), Seb Eastham (ICL) Transport