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GEOS-Chem Versions Page

This page includes information about GEOS-Chem 14.2.1 and HEMCO 3.7.1. The GEOS-Chem model development priorities page lists additional developments that may be added.

Version overview

This version is currently in development

The following items have been added to GEOS-Chem 14.2.1. Also see the following Github pages:

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes and references
Updates that will not affect full-chemistry benchmark simulations
Prevent double-counting oil emissions in CH4 and carbon simulations Nick Balasus (Harvard) carbon sim
CH4 sim
tagCH4 sim
Add fixes to reduce differences between the CH4 simulation and CH4 in carbon simulation Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) carbon sim
CH4 sim
tagCH4 sim
Update GEPA CH4 emissions to gridded GHGI v2 Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) carbon sim
CH4 sim
tagCH4 sim
Add variable to geoschem_config.yml to perturb CH4 boundary conditions Nicholas Balasus (Harvard) carbon sim
CH4 sim
tagCH4 sim
Fixes for the SatDiagn diagnostic Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Diagnostics
Fix incorrect comments in GeosUtil/unitconv_mod.F90 Haipeng Lin (Harvard) Documentation
Update minimum KPP version required for the fullchem mechanism from 2.5.0 to 3.0.0 Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Fullchem sim
Fix issues that prevented compiling GEOS-Chem with the custom mechanism Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Fullchem sim
Fix GEOS-Chem Classic parallelization errors revealed by parallelization tests Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Hg sim
Luo Wetdep
Set RUNDIR_GRID_HALF_POLAR when creating rundirs for 0.25x0.3125 and 0.5x0.2625 global domains Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) IMI
Fix incorrect time slice read as boundary conditions in GC-Classic nested model Haipeng Lin (Harvard) Nested grid
Impose boundary conditions at every timestep in GC-Classic nested grid simulations Haipeng Lin (Harvard) Nested grid
Don't allow user to create MERRA-2 0.25 x 0.3125 run directories for GCClassic Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Run directory
Add sanity check for missing molecular weights; Add missing MW for HgBrO Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Species metadata
Explicitly define tagCH4 simulations instead of making assumption based on number of species Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) tagCH4 sim
Updates to integration test scripts (directory reorganization; updates for the WashU Compute1 cluster) Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Testing
Updates included in HEMCO 3.7.1 (will not affect full-chemistry benchmarks)
Update Hg0 Emission Factors in hcox_gfed_include_gfed4.H Eric Roy (MIT) HEMCO
Hg sim
Remove extraneous code from hco_extlist_mod.F90 Bob Yantosca (Harvard) HEMCO
Fix incorrect longitude definitions for HEMCO standalone 0.25x03125 and 0.5x0625 grids Nick Balasus (Harvard) HEMCO standalone
Ensure that HEMCO vertical regridding is mass-conserving (plus related modifications in GEOS-Chem)
  • This only affects regridding from 72/73 levels -> 47/48 levels (GEOS) or 102/103 levels -> 74/75 levels (GISS)
Nicholas Balasus (Harvard)
Haipeng Lin (Harvard)
Todd Mooring (Harvard)
Simulations w/ reduced grids
Updates that only affect GCHP
Make ESMF logging a run-time option in new configure file ESMF.rc
  • NOTE: This breaks hardwired settings that could only be changed by recompilation
Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
Run directory
Use standard format for AEIC 2019 monthly climatology in ExtData.rc Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
Run directory
Bugfix to initialize advected species to background values if not in restart file Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
Add warnings about area-dependency to GCHP HISTORY.rc files Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
Updates that only affect GEOS-Chem in the NASA GEOS ESM
Updates for GEOS-Chem in the NASA GEOS ESM
  • Minor updates (mostly in the run directory) to make GEOS-Chem compatible with the most recent GEOS version.
Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard)
Christoph Keller (GMAO)
Updates to meet CESM coding guidelines (to facilitate interfacing GEOS-Chem and HEMCO into CESM)
Update netCDF code (in src/Shared/NcdfUtil) to use the netCDF-F90 interface Bob Yantosca (Harvard) CESM
netCDF I/O
Limit GC_72_EDGE_SIGMA variable definition to less than 135 columns Bob Yantosca (Harvard) CESM
netCDF I/O
Convert GEOS-Chem netCDF utility routines to use the netCDF-F90 interface Bob Yantosca (Harvard) CESM
netCDF I/O
Update calls to MPI functions when using GEOS-Chem in CESM Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) CESM