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This page contains information about the Tagged O3 simulation in GEOS-Chem (formerly known as the "Tagged Ox" simulation).


The tagged O3 simulation allows you to use archived ozone production and loss rates to perform a simulation for geographically tagged ozone tracers without having to run the full-chemistry simulation. The tagged O3 simulation is also used to spin up the ozone into steady-state when validating a new meterorolgical field product.

Types of tagged O3 simulations

You may perform two different types of tagged O3 simulations. These simulations differ in the number of tagged O3 tracers that are available:

Simple tagged O3 simulation

The default setting is the SIMPLE TAGGED O3 SIMULATION, which carries 2 tracers:

(1 ) O3      : Total O3
(2 ) O3Strt  : O3 from the Stratosphere

Extended tagged O3 simulation

You may also choose to run the EXTENDED TAGGED O3 SIMULATION, which carries 13 tracers:

(1 ) O3      : Total O3
(2 ) O3Strt  : O3 from the Stratosphere      (tropopause - atm top   )
(3 ) O3Ut    : O3 produced in Upper Trop     (350 hPa    - tropopause) 
(4 ) O3Mt    : O3 produced in Middle Trop    (PBL top    - 350 hPa   )
(5 ) O3Row   : O3 produced in Rest of World  (surface    - PBL top   )
(6 ) O3PcBl  : O3 produced in Pacific BL     (surface    - PBL top   )
(7 ) O3NaBl  : O3 produced in N. American BL (surface    - PBL top   )
(8 ) O3AtBl  : O3 produced in Atlantic BL    (surface    - PBL top   )
(9 ) O3EuBl  : O3 produced in European BL    (surface    - PBL top   )
(10) O3AfBl  : O3 produced in N. African BL  (surface    - PBL top   )
(11) O3AsBl  : O3 produced in Asian          (surface    - PBL top   )
(12) O3Init  : O3 initial conditions         (all levels             )
(13) O3USA   : O3 produced over the USA      (all levels             )

Note that in both the simple and extended simulations, the stratospheric O3 tracer is listed as tracer #2. This is necessary for compatibility with the Linoz stratospheric ozone chemistry mechanism.