Simulations using KPP-built mechanisms

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  1. Simulations using KPP-built mechanisms (carbon, fullchem, Hg)
  2. Aerosol-only simulation
  3. CH4 simulation
  4. CO2 simulation
  5. Metals simulation
  6. POPs simulation
  7. Tagged CO simulation
  8. Tagged O3 simulation
  9. TransportTracers simulation

On this page, we provide information about GEOS-Chem simulations that use chemistry mechanism solver code built by the Kinetic PreProcessor (KPP).



The following table provides links to information about the chemistry mechanisms in GEOS-Chem that use solver code generated by the KineticPreProcessor (KPP).

For more information about how to modify GEOS-Chem chemical mechanisms, please see our Update chemical mechanisms with KPP Supplemental Guide at

Mechanism Description Mechanism file Extra options Build with
fullchem NOx + Ox + Br + Cl + I + aerosols chemistry in the troposphere and troposphere and stratosphere KPP/fullchem/fullchem.eqn
Hg Mercury chemistry KPP/Hg/Hg.eqn -DMECH=Hg
carbon CH4-CO2-CO-OCS chemistry KPP/carbon/carbon.eqn -DMECH=carbon

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