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  • #<span style="color:blue">'''Check if netCDF is already installed on your system'''</span> can look to see if netCDF is already installed on your system. If it is, then you don't have to install it yourself!
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  • ...EOS-Chem v10-01]] and later versions. A more detailed description of HEMCO is given in [[#References|Keller et al. (2014)]]. HEMCO is a collection of FORTRAN-90 routines that are freely available at http://wik
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  • [[HEMCO]] is a stand-alone software component for computing emissions in (global) atmosp #CMake is the default build system; Support for GNU Make has been retired
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  • ...s. Please also visit our [[Global Terrestrial Mercury Model]] page, which is an option that can be used with the GEOS-Chem mercury simulation. <blockquote>The default inventory is for 2010 (WHET_$, one $SPC for each of Hg0, Hg2, HgP)</blockquot
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  • '''''The Intel Fortran compiler is our recommended proprietary compiler for GEOS-Chem.''''' === An Intel license is required ===
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  • ...resolution with 0.25x0.325 GEOS-FP meteorology, 6 cores, and 1 node. This is the simplest possible run and a good test case for your initial setup. Howe ...ually update other configuration files unless you know the specific option is not available for setting in <tt></tt>.
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  • the GEOS-Chem, which have to be implemented manually. Currently, there is not an adjoint equivalent of every part of GEOS-Chem. ...ass="math">∂<em>y</em> / ∂<em>x</em></span> is a scalar, and ''x'' is a 2-, 3- or 4-dimensional field). The adjoint code can also be used for inv
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  • <nowiki>[2000]</nowiki>] describes the algorithm in full. This scheme is also described in [ '' ...tation formation overhead. This will overestimate rainout effect when Fk+1 is much larger than Fk. Therefore, we now apply rainout effect to precipitati
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  • ...concentrations. MIX shows an increase in the SO2 emission totals, but that is likely dominated by the increase in Indian SO2 emissions and the inclusion :The increase in global NO emissions is primarily driven by EMEP and AEIC emissions. There may be a problem in the
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  • ... will stay online for several months, but it is outdated and no longer active!</span> GCHP is controlled using a set of resource configuration files that are included in
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  • ...enomenon is due to lack of moisture handling within transport. Tracer mass is distributed relative to moist rather than dry air pressure and therefore pr Below is a high-level summary of the moisture updates added to v11-01. All of these
    46 KB (6,421 words) - 16:08, 7 December 2016
  • ...ons_when_GFED_is_turned_off|Fix bug in biomass burning emissions when GFED is turned off]] ...error trap in to avoid a segmentation fault when the DustGinoux extension is turned off]]
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  • ...enomenon is due to lack of moisture handling within transport. Tracer mass is distributed relative to moist rather than dry air pressure and therefore pr Below is a high-level summary of the moisture updates added to v11-01. All of these
    44 KB (6,046 words) - 17:35, 6 December 2016
  • ...n a study by Mills (2005), the mean cross-section between 412.5 and 850 nm is estimated at 2.542 × 10−25 cm2. We also add photolysis of ClOO and ClNO2 *This file is only needed if the [[UCX chemistry mechanism]] is enabled.
    59 KB (8,910 words) - 19:15, 10 December 2019
  • ...tandard "classic" capability (GCC) but operates on a cubed sphere grid and is parallelized using a message-passing interface (MPI) implementation. GCHP i ...s (e.g. v11-02a, v11-02b, etc). The most recent preliminary v11-02 release is v11-02-Release-Candidate and the final release will be v11-02-Final availab
    41 KB (6,396 words) - 18:56, 10 May 2019
  • :My quick fix is very simple, which only changes one number in the source code: :Note that [this fix] is not ideal. We have a better way of doing it which requires some sort of cou
    70 KB (10,330 words) - 21:56, 20 December 2019
  • GEOS-Chem v9-02 is the first version of GEOS-Chem for which we issued a '''PROVISIONAL RELEASE ...Y_PBL_mixing_is_used|Corrected unit conversion bug when TURBDAY PBL mixing is used]]
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  • *This feature is optional (default off) *This feature is optional (default off)
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  • :Christoph Keller has treated OCPI in the same manner in HEMCO. If SOA is turned in in GEOS-Chem v10-01 and later versions, HEMCO will not calculate ...but SOA mass goes to other, SOA-specific tracers when the interactive SOA is turned on.
    166 KB (26,088 words) - 18:43, 28 May 2020
  • ...D = 75&mu;m, where <tt>U*,t</tt> is a minimum, and the total vertical flux is given by:</blockquote>> = 100 mm, recommended by Z03a for dust mobilization candidate cells. F is distributed by particle size as a globally uniform tri-modal lognormal prob
    50 KB (7,218 words) - 16:41, 16 November 2020
  • ...provide some general background information about how floating-point math is implemented on computers&mdash;and some common pitfalls that you may encoun == Floating-point is an approximation to the real number system ==
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