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The table below shows the previous, current, and successive versions of GEOS-Chem:

Previous version This version Next version
GEOS-Chem v11-01 GEOS-Chem v11-02 TBD
View v11-01 benchmark history View v11-02 benchmark history TBD

What's new in this version

NOTE: v11-02a, v11-02b, etc. denote 1-month benchmark simulations, which are designed to evaluate GEOS-Chem's performance at intermediate stages of development.


Feature Type Submitted by Status
Updating chemistry rate constants based on JPL Publication 15-10 Science Barron Henderson (US EPA)
Mat Evans (U. York)
Oxidants and Chemistry WG
  • Completed 22 Feb 2017
Fixes to correct ALK4 lumping issue Science Barron Henderson (US EPA)
  • Completed 23 Feb 2017
PAN updates Science Emily Fischer (CSU)
  • In progress
Monthly mean NEI2011 emissions Science GCST
Katie Travis (Harvard)
  • Completed 08 Mar 2017
Implement ISORROPIA v2.0 as a Fortran module (eliminating COMMON blocks) Structural Seb Eastham (Harvard)
  • Completed 03 Feb 2017
Updates to the HEMCO emissions component: Structural
& Bug fix
Christoph Keller (NASA GMAO)
Seb Eastham (Harvard)
Jessica Morena (Dalhousie)
  • Completed 10 Mar 2017
Updates to gain computational speedup: Structural
& Bug fix
Mike Long (Harvard)
Bob Yantosca (GCST)
  • Completed 08 Feb 2017
Bug fixes in the GEOS-Chem sulfate module: Bug fix Prasad Kasibhatla (Duke)
Qianjie Chen (UW)
Viral Shah (UW)
  • Completed 10 Feb 2017
Fix bug in computation of dry deposition aerodynamic resistance Ra Bug fix Brian Boys (Dalhousie)
  • Completed 21 Feb 2017
Fixed typo in nested-grid transport routine INIT_WINDOW Bug fix Bob Yantosca (GCST)
  • Completed 24 Feb 2017
netCDF file I/O updates: Bug fix &
Chris Holmes (Florida State)
Andy Jacobson (NOAA)
  • Completed 08 Mar 2017
Makefile and build sequence updates: Bug fix &
Jiawei Zhang (Harvard)
  • Completed 08 Mar 2017
Bug fixes for running UCX in ESMF environment Bug fix Christoph Keller (NASA GMAO)
  • Completed 10 Mar 2017
Bug fix in cos(SZA) for start of timestep Bug fix Lizzie Lundgren (GCST)
  • Completed 13 Mar 2017
Bug fixes for diagnostics: Bug fix Aaron van Donkelaar (Dalhousie)
Jenny Fisher (U. Wollongong)
  • Completed 16 Mar 2017
Removal of obsolete variables: Structural GCST
  • Completed 17 Mar 2017
Include TOA pressure when calculating dry pressure edges for advection and unit conversions Science Seb Eastham (Harvard)
  • Completed 20 Mar 2017


Feature Type Submitted by Status
Updates to isoprene chemistry, includes:
  • Fast photolysis of carbonyl nitrates
  • Aerosol uptake of organic nitrates
Science Jenny Fisher (U. Wollongong)
Eloïse Marais (Harvard)
Kelvin Bates (Caltech)
Katie Travis (Harvard)
  • Delivered to GCST (Mar 2017)
Enhance default GEOS-Chem simple SOA Science Aerosols Working Group
Add aqueous isoprene uptake to SOA scheme Science Eloise Marais (Harvard)
  • Delivered to GCST (Jul 2016)


Feature Type Submitted by Status
Halogen chemistry updates Science Tomás Sherwen (York)
Johan Schmidt (Harvard)
Oxidants and Chemistry WG


Feature Type Submitted by Status
Update density of BC to 1.8 and add absorption enhancement factor in input.geos Science Xuan Wang (MIT)
  • Delivered to GCST (Jan 2016)
Monthly mean surface methane distributions Science Lee Murray (NASA GISS/LDEO)
Radon flux diagnostic Benchmark GCST
UCX stratospheric water boundary condition update Science Chris Holmes (UC Irvine)
Seb Eastham (Harvard)
  • Delivered to GCST (Jan 2017)

In the pipeline

Feature Type Submitted by Status
Compile with PRECISION=4 as the default–declare most real variables as REAL*4 instead of REAL*8 Structureal GCST
  • Code is already in place, awaiting activation
EDGAR v4.3 emissions Science Chi Li (Dalhousie)
  • Delivered to GCST (Nov 2016)
EPA-derived BC/OA emissions over US (1990-2012) Science David Ridley (MIT)
Historical CAC emissions Science Chi Li (Dalhousie)
  • Delivered to GCST (Nov 2016)
Ammonia from Arctic birds Science Dalhousie group
Ocean ammonia emission inventory Science Fabien Paulot (NOAA/GFDL)
  • Data files delivered to GCST (Jan 2016)
  • Needs to be implemented via HEMCO
A snow NOx source from deep snowpack Science Maria Zatko (UW)
Becky Alexander (UW)
  • Implemented in v9-01-01
  • Needs to be added as a HEMCO extension
Non-agricultural NH3 for use with MASAGE Science Amos Tai (CUHK)
Anthropogenic PM2.5 dust source Science Sajeev Philip (Dalhousie)
  • Delivered to GCST (Mar 2017)
Fix to direct/diffuse radiation Science Katie Travis (Harvard)
Species Database Phase 3:
  • Harmonizing Henry's Law coefficients across wet and dry deposition
Science GCST
Updated organic deposition Science Katie Travis (Harvard)
Jenny Fisher (U. Wollongong)
Remove dependence of species drydep on HNO3 drydep Science Katie Travis (Harvard)
Jenny Fisher (U. Wollongong)
  • NOTE: This was mostly achieved in GEOS-Chem v11-01, with the implementation of the GEOS-Chem species database. For example, N2O5 (which used to depend on the drydep velocity of HNO3) is now assigned the relevant dry deposition parameters in the species database. The dry deposition velocity N2O5 is now computed explicitly. This eliminates the need to manually assign the dry deposition velocity of HNO3 to N2O5 (which was done with confusing code).
Update SO2 scavenging in convective updrafts for consistency Science Duncan Fairlie (NASA/LARC)
Sedimentation of stratospheric aerosols Science Sebastian Eastham (Harvard)
Uniformity of units Structural GCST
  • Phase 2 (unit uniformity throughout chemistry) to be implemented after Flexchem
  • Phase 3 (unit uniformity in some specialty simulations) will be implemented in pieces with input from 3rd party developers
  • Phase 4 (removal of area and area-dependent State_Met variables) will be ongoing
NetCDF Output Phase 3a: Output diagnostics in NetCDF format Structural GCST
NetCDF Output Phase 3b: Updates to eliminate differences between single and multi-segmented GEOS-Chem runs Bug fix/Structural GCST
Christoph Keller
PCB simulation Science Carey Friedman (MIT)
Helen Amos (Harvard)
Hg code updates (chemistry, ocean, land) Science Hg and POPs Working Group
Surface ocean Hg boundary conditions from MITgcm Science Hannah Horowitz (Harvard)
Additional modifications for FlexChem, including:
  • Rebuild the pre-built chemistry mechanisms (Standard, Tropchem, UCX, SOA, SOA-SVPOA) with Kppa
  • Add capability for custom chemistry mechanism by building KPP on-the-fly in GEOS-Chem
Structural Mike Long (Harvard)
FlexGrid: Use HEMCO I/O and regridding capabilities to read and regrid met fields Structural Jiawei Zhuang (Harvard)
Jintai Lin (PKU)
  • Delivered to GCST (Oct 2016)
Merge standard simulation with specialty simulations for OVOC, acids, aromatics, dicarbonyls, terpenes Science Dylan Millet (UMN)
Xin Chen (UMN)
Nested CO2, CH4, Hg, TOMAS, adjoint, etc. Science Nested Model Working Group
Update ISORROPIA from v2.0 to v2.2, in order to remove persistent noise in output Science Seb Eastham (Harvard)

New data directories

The following HEMCO data directories have been added or updated for GEOS-Chem v11-02. You will have to download the directories relevant to your simulation.

Inventory What was added? When added? Directory
NEI2011 North American emissions Monthly mean data files (created from the existing hourly data in HEMCO/NEI2011/v2015-03) v11-02a HEMCO/NEI2011/v2017-02-MM

--Bob Yantosca (talk) 14:47, 14 February 2017 (UTC)


In this section we provide information about the benchmarks and tests that we have done to validate GEOS-Chem v11-01.

1-month and 1-year benchmarks

For complete information about the benchmark simulations used to validate GEOS-Chem v11-02, please see our GEOS-Chem v11-02 benchmark history wiki page.

Unit tests for GEOS-Chem v11-02

We perform a full set of unit tests on GEOS-Chem on an almost daily basis. These tests ensure that each new feature being added does not break any existing functionality.

Here are the unit tests that we ran before submitting 1-month benchmark simulation for v11-02. Click on the links below to see the results from each set of unit tests:

Unit test Date

Previous issues now resolved in GEOS-Chem v11-02

The following bugs and/or technical issues have been resolved in v11-02:

Removed the NNPAR parameter from CMN_SIZE_mod.F

This update will be added to v11-02a.

The NNPAR parameter is a holdover from when we used COMMON blocks to store GEOS-Chem arrays. With the advent of the GEOS-Chem species database, we now use State_Chm%nSpecies to represent the total number of species in the chemistry mechanism, and State_Chm%nAdvect to represent the total number of advected species.

We have therefore removed the following lines (in RED) from CMN_SIZE_mod.F:

      ! NNPAR   = max number of tracers
      ! NEMPARA = max number of anthropogenic emission species
      ! NEMPARB = max number of biogenic      emission species
      ! increase NNPAR and NEMPARA an extra amount (hotp 7/31/09)
#if   defined( TOMAS )
# if    defined( TOMAS40 )
      INTEGER,    PARAMETER :: NNPAR   = 430   ! For TOMAS40 (sfarina 6/11/13)
# elif  defined( TOMAS15 )
      INTEGER,    PARAMETER :: NNPAR   = 205   ! For TOMAS15 (sfarina 6/11/13)
# elif  defined( TOMAS12 )
      INTEGER,    PARAMETER :: NNPAR   = 178   ! For TOMAS12 (sfarina 6/11/13)
# else
      INTEGER,    PARAMETER :: NNPAR   = 340   ! For TOMAS (win, bmy, sfarina 6/11/13)f
# endif
      INTEGER,    PARAMETER :: NNPAR   = 150   ! For non-TOMAS simulations

--Bob Yantosca (talk) 20:27, 17 March 2017 (UTC)

Print the version number to the log file

This update will be added to v11-02a.

In routine DISPLAY_GRID_AND_MODEL of GeosCore/main.F, we now print out the version number, e.g.

Using GEOS-Chem version: v11-02

to the log file (i.e. stdout output stream). This will facilitate debugging.

--Bob Yantosca (talk) 18:21, 16 March 2017 (UTC)

Outstanding issues not yet resolved in GEOS-Chem v11-02