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This page includes information about the GEOS-Chem "no-diff-to-benchmark" development stream, which contains updates and fixes that will not affect the fullchem benchmark simulations. These updates are mergeable at any time, either into the next Y version or into a standalone Z version.

Updates that will not affect fullchem benchmark simulations

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes and references
Add capability to run GEOS-Chem on CESM spectral-element dynamical core Haipeng Lin (Harvard) CESM
Update CESM HEMCO settings to incorporate new emissions since 14.1.2 Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard)
Haipeng Lin (Harvard)
Expand Cloud-J error handling to catch and pass errors up the call stack Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) Cloud-J
Update Cloud-J from 7.7.1 to 7.7.2 Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) Cloud-J
Throw a CMake error if FAST-JX is used for any KPP mechanism except Hg Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Compilation
Fix several issues with the GEOS-Chem Classic satellite diagnostics (SatDiagn and SatDiagnEdge collections) Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Diagnostics
Config file update to avoid incorrect GCHP error catch for certain combinations of grid resolution and number of CPUs Lee Murray (Rochester) GCHP bug fix
MAPL update: Horizontal flux regridding bug fix Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
MAPL update: Add logger print in prefetch loop Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) GCHP
Remove InvMEGAN manual diagnostics from hcox_megan_mod.F90 Eloise Marais (UCL)
Bob Yantosca (Harvard)
Configure number cloud levels used for photolysis in geoschem_config.yml and pass to Cloud-J Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard) Photolysis