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All users interested in the GEOS-Chem aerosol simulations are encouraged to subscribe to the aerosols email list (click on the link in the contact information section below).

Information on existing projects and future developments in aerosols will be posted here. We encourage user groups to keep their information up-to-date.

Contact information

Aerosols Working Group Co-Chairs
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Current GEOS-Chem Aerosol Projects, alphabetized by institution (please add yours!)

User Group Description Contact Person Date Added
Beijing/SUNY-Albany/L'Aquila Representing GEOS-Chem in the AEROCOM intercomparisons May Fu
Fangqun Yu
Gabriele Curci
28 Jul 2010
Columbia University Multiphase SOA formation in GEOS-Chem Faye McNeill 23 Apr 2015
Dalhousie Decadal trends in PM2.5 Chi Li 13 Apr 2017
Dalhousie Arctic aerosol number distributions Betty Croft 13 Apr 2017
Dalhousie Arctic black carbon Junwei Xu 13 Apr 2017
Dalhousie Metals in PM2.5 Junwei Xu 13 Apr 2017
Dalhousie Interpreting SPARTAN to understand PM2.5 chemical composition Crystal Weagle 13 April 2017
Dalhousie Aerosol mass scattering efficiency Robyn Latimer 13 April 2017
Harvard Particulate sulfur via sulfur-formaldehyde (hydroxymethane sulfonate) chemistry in clouds Jonathan Moch 14 Dec 2018
MIT/Harvard Implementing MOSAIC aerosols into GEOS-Chem Sebastian Eastham 11 May 2015
MIT Developing a simulation of bioaerosol Ruud Janssen 12 Apr 2017
MIT Investigating spread in carbonaceous aerosol impacts from fires due to emissions uncertainty Tess Carter 29 Apr 2019
MIT Testing OA simulation schemes against suite of airborne observations Sid Pai 29 Apr 2019
MIT Exploring aerosol simulation against remote observations from ATom Chloe Gao 29 Apr 2019
SUNY-Albany Effects of size-resolved aerosol microphysics on aerosol radiative forcing and chemistry Fangqun Yu
Gan Luo
5 May 2015
SUNY-Albany Combining Measurements and Model Simulations of Particle Size Distributions to Improve Our Understanding of Particle Formation and Growth Fangqun Yu
Gan Luo
4 May 2017
SUNY-Albany Long-Term Trend of Particle Number Concentrations: Controlling Processes and Implications Fangqun Yu
Gan Luo
4 May 2017
UW Sources of sea salt aerosol in polar regions: Blowing snow and Frost flowers Jiayue Huang
Lyatt Jaeglé
22 Apr 2015
UW Sea salt aerosols and their effects on global tropospheric chemistry Lyatt Jaeglé
Jiayue Huang
22 Apr 2015
UW Sulfate formation via oxidation of SO2 by hypohalous acids (e.g., HOBr) Becky Alexander
Qianjie Chen
22 April 2015
University of Wollongong Characterizing interannual variability of Australian dust export and deposition Jesse Greenslade
Jenny Fisher
23 April 2015
L'Aquila Analysis of aerosol optical properties using FlexAOD Gabriele Curci 16 Apr 2017
L'Aquila AeroCom phase-3 intercomparisons: Biomass Burning, INSITU, Remote Sensing Gabriele Curci 16 Apr 2017
L'Aquila Direct and first indirect effect of anthropogenic dust Gabriele Curci 16 Apr 2017
NIA / NASA LaRC Radiative effects of aerosols versus clouds on key tropospheric oxidants Hongyu Liu 5 May 2015
NIA / NASA LaRC Lifecycle, transport, and distribution of tropospheric aerosols over the western North Atlantic Hongyu Liu 5 May 2015
UCLA Improve black carbon simulations in GEOS-Chem; BC aging microphysics; BC-snow interaction; BC radiative properties; Cenlin He 8 May 2015
UCLA Black carbon emissions, simulations and its radiative effects over the Arctic Ling Qi 8 May 2015
UCLA Improve aerosol wet scavenging and dry deposition in GEOS-Chem Ling Qi
Cenlin He
8 May 2015

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