Volcanic SO2 emissions

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On this page we describe the volcanic emissions inventories that are used by GEOS-Chem.

OMI-based volcanic emissions

Volcano emissions are obtained from NASA/GMAO. See the latest directory's README file in [1] for details on how these files were created.

The emission inventory is available as daily text (.rc) files in the format:

  ###  LAT (-90,90), LON (-180,180), SULFUR [kg S/s], ELEVATION [m], CLOUD_COLUMN_HEIGHT [m]
  ### If elevation=cloud_column_height, emit in layer of elevation
  ### else, emit in top 1/3 of cloud_column_height
  50.170 6.850 3.587963e-03 600. 600.
  45.780 2.970 3.587963e-03 1464. 1464.
  42.170 2.530 3.587963e-03 893. 893.
  38.870 -4.020 3.587963e-03 1117. 1117.

The text files can be read directly into HEMCO via the Volcano (formerly AeroCom_Volcano) extension. It can be activated in the HEMCO extension section:

  117     Volcano           : on    SO2
      --> Volcano_Source    :       AeroCom
      --> Volcano_Table     :       $ROOT/VOLCANO/v2019-04/$YYYY/$MM/so2_volcanic_emissions_Carns.$YYYY$MM$DD.rc

The Volcano_Source option was added to specify OMI or AeroCom emissions. If OMI-based emissions are used then the closest available year will be used if the simulation year is outside of the available time period.

References for OMI volcano emissions

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  3. Ge, C., J. Wang, S. Carn, K. Yang, P. Ginoux, and N. Krotkov, Satellite-based global volcanic SO2 emissions and sulfate direct radiative forcing during 2005-2012, J. Geophys. Res. Atmos., 121(7), 3446-3464, doi:10.1002/2015JD023134, 2016. (PDF)