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I am a research scientist and PhD student in Atmospheric Modeling at Colorado State University with Dr. Emily Fischer and Dr. A.R. Ravishankara. I received my BS and MS in Marine Biogeochemistry from Stanford University in 2012. After this time, I was a Knauss Fellow in the class of 2013-2014 with NOAA OAR's Office of International Activities, focusing on international research cooperation between the US, EU, and Russia. I have been studying the importance of ketones to global oxidation potential on GEOS-Chem since June 2014, and I can program in IDL, Fortran, Python, and R.

Previously, I performed a sensitivity analysis of the Acetone budget in GEOS-Chem to identify the priorities for future model improvements. I am currently working on modeling the global budget of Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) in GEOS-Chem using recent observations of MEK concentrations and updated photolysis rates.