GEOS-Chem 1-month benchmark timing results

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On this page, we provide timing results obtained from 1-month benchmark GEOS-Chem simualtions.

Timing results from 1-month benchmarks

To access the entire history of GEOS-Chem benchmarks, please see our GEOS-Chem versions page.

Wall time spent in model components

GEOS-Chem Timers from 1-month benchmarks.png

The above plot displays the "wall clock" time spent in each model component as observed in the GEOS-Chem timers output from recent public and internal 1-month benchmark simulations (Credit: Melissa Sulprizio). This type of plot can be very helpful in determining if updates made to GEOS-Chem cause significant computational bottlenecks.

Timing information is obtained from the GEOS-Chem "Timers" output, which is printed to the log file. Timers output is activated by setting use_gcclassic_timers: true in geoschem_config.yml.

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  1. GEOS-Chem versions
  2. GEOS-Chem Benchmarks

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