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|Provide climatologies for lightning NOx, volcano, and open fire emissions

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On this page we list the current priorities for GEOS-Chem development. This list is continuously updated based on code readiness and input from the Working Groups and the Steering Committee.

We also invite you to view our GEOS-Chem Support Team project management board on Trello.com, which shows the current GCST workflow.

Priorities assigned to upcoming GEOS-Chem versions


This version is now under development. Please see the GEOS-Chem 12 wiki page for more details.


Feature Submitted by Type Notes and References
Updates that will affect full-chemistry simulations
Retire carbon-based units for VOCs GCST Science
Updates that will NOT affect full-chemistry simulations
Retire the GNU Make build system in both GEOS-Chem Classic and GCHP and replace with CMake Liam Bindle (WashU)
Retire the GEOS-Chem Unit Tester repository and move GEOS-Chem run directory creation to the GEOS-Chem source code repository Melissa Sulprizio (GCST) Structural
Use GEOS-Chem and HEMCO as separate git submodules inside a new GEOS-Chem Classic wrapper repository Lizzie Lundgren (GCST) Structural
Updates to HEMCO for compatibility with CESM Haipeng Lin (Harvard) Structural
  • ongoing
Reduction of memory for HISTORY diagnostics with a species dimension Bob Yantosca (GCST) Structural
Removal of HEMCO code from within the non-local PBL mixing modules Bob Yantosca (GCST) Structural
Features only affecting GCHP:
Retire the existing GCHP repository and replace with a new wrapper repository that uses ESMF as an external library and integrates GEOS-Chem and NASA/GMAO GEOS-ESM git repositories as git submodules Lizzie Lundgren (GCST) Structural
Separate HEMCO from GEOS-Chem to use as an ESMF gridded component in GCHP Lizzie Lundgren (GCST) Structural
Enable a stretched grid capability in GCHP to run global simulations at regional high resolution Liam Bindle (WashU) Structural
Updates for compatibility with MAPL 2.1. Lizzie Lundgren (GCST)
Liam Bindle (WashU)

This update fixes the remaining outstanding GCHP issues open since 12.5:

Priorities not yet assigned to a particular version

The following items have been identified as priorities for GEOS-Chem, but have not yet been assigned to a particular GEOS-Chem version.

Ready to go in

Feature Submitted by Type Notes
Chemistry updates
Improved wet scavenging (Luo et al., 2020) Gan Luo (Albany)
Fanqun Yu (Albany)
Implement H2 chemistry in UCX Chris Holmes (FSU) Science
Joint CO, CO2, CH4 simulation Beata Bukosa (Wollongong) Science
  • Delivered to GCST (Jun 2019)
Emissions and surface fluxes updates
CEDS_GBD-MAPS emission inventory (1970 - 2017) Erin McDuffie (Dalhousie) Science
ODIAC fossil fuel emissions for CO2 simulations Jenny Fisher (UOW)
Yi Cao (UOW)
  • Delivered to GCST (Jan 2020)
Updated Streets Hg emissions Colin Thackray (Harvard) Science
Updated EDGAR 4.3 Hg emissions Amanda Giang (UBC) Science
Offline CLM Harmonization Anthony Wong (BU)
Jeff Geddes (BU)
Aerosol updates
Arctic marine SOA Betty Croft (Dalhousie) Science
  • Details on wiki only, not in standard code

--Melissa Sulprizio (talk) 16:38, 14 May 2019 (UTC)

Almost there (< 6 months)

Item Author(s) Type Notes
Provide climatologies for lightning NOx, volcano, and open fire emissions GCST Science
Aromatic VOC chemistry Kelvin Bates (Harvard)
Ke Li (Harvard)
C2H4 and C2H2 chemistry Kelvin Bates (Harvard)
Ke Li (Harvard)
Diagnostic to archive XCO2, XCO, and XCH4 Dylan Jones (Toronto) Science
Provide archived TCR-2 GEOS-Chem OH fields for carbon simulations Kazu Miyazaki (JPL) Science
Evaluate the impact on the tropsophere of using the family approach for transport in the stratosphere Christoph Keller (NASA/GMAO) Science
Extend UCX into the mesosphere Sebastian Eastham (MIT)
Eric Fleming (NASA GMAO)
Examine differences in the lightning NOx schemes in GEOS-Chem and GMI Christoph Keller (NASA/GMAO)
Lee Murray (Rochester)
HMS chemistry Jonathan Moch (Harvard) Science
Heterogeneous sulfate production Lin Zhang (PKU)
Becky Alexander (UW)
Yuxuan Wang (U. Houston)
BrC aging Xuan Wang (Harvard)
Melanie Hammer(Dalhousie)
Update of US emissions to NEI16 Barron Henderson (EPA) Science
Updated surface ocean dissolved Hg0 from MITgcm Yanxu Zhang (Nanjing) Science
One-Way Coupling w/ GISS ModelE3 Lee Murray (Rochester)
Eric Leibensperger (SUNY Plattsburgh)
Shared Socioeconomic Pathways Emission Inventories Hong Liao (NUIST) Science

--Melissa Sulprizio (talk) 16:38, 14 May 2019 (UTC)

Over the horizon (6-12 months)

Item Author(s) Type Notes
Update OCS simulation in the standard code Kevin Bowman (JPL) Science
Examine what are the differences in the PSC implementation in GEOS-Chem and GMI and assess the implications of these differences for startospheric ozone Susan Strahan (Goddard)
Sebastian Eastham (MIT)
Rediagnosis of RAS convection in GEOS-Chem Tailong He (Toronto)
Dylan Jones (Toronto)
Andrea Molod (NASA/GMAO)
New schedule for tracer transport benchmarks (FP change, scavenging change, or major release) Andrea Molod (NASA/GMAO) Science
Updated cloud water pH Viral Shah (Harvard)
Jonathan Moch (Harvard)
Methylethylketone chemistry Jared Brewer (CSU) Science
Add sulfate dependence to SOA yield from isoprene in simple SOA Eloïse Marais (Leicester) Science
Trace metal simulation Junwei Xu (Dalhousie) Science
Hg gas-phase photo-reduction Colin Thackray (Harvard) Science
Ecophysiology module in GEOS-Chem for biosphere-atmosphere exchange Amos Tai (CUHK) Science
Canopy Physics Model Sam Silva (MIT) Structural
Landcover/Fire Emissions Offline LPJlmfire Loretta Mickley (Harvard) Science

--Melissa Sulprizio (talk) 16:38, 14 May 2019 (UTC)

Longer term (12-24 months)

Item Author(s) Type Notes
Implement isotope simulation for CO and CH4 in GCHP Lee Murray (Rochester) Science
Migrate LETFK DA scheme to GCHP Kazu Miyazaki (JPL) Science
Super fast chemistry scheme Benjamin Brown-Steiner (AER)
Makoto Kelp (Harvard)
Add non-volatile cations to ISORROPIA Becky Alexander (UW) Science
Update Europe emissions to EMEP 2016 Eloise Marais (Leicester) Science
MEGAN3 Sam Silva (MIT)
Jen Kaiser (GIT)
Yuxuan Wang (UH)
DMS oxidation scheme updating Becky Alexander (UW)
Qianjie Chen (UW)
Streamlining of specialty simulations through HEMCO and KPP GCST
Chris Holmes (FSU)
Colin Thackray for POPs (Harvard)
Peter Ivatt (York) for PAH
Hg in WRF-GC Yanxu Zhang (Nanjing) Science
Hg with blowing snow Yanxu Xhang (Nanjing) Science
Updated treatment of Hg in ocean Chris Holmes (FSU) Science
GTMM updates Ben Geyman (Harvard) Science
Complex / multicomplex variables Shannon Capps (Drexel) Structural
Build KPP when you compile GC GCST Structural
Restructure source code folders GCST Structural
Archived CMIP6 Met Products for GEOS-Chem Input Lee Murray (Rochester) Science

--Melissa Sulprizio (talk) 16:38, 14 May 2019 (UTC)

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