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BETA RELEASE October 2007

What's new in this version

  1. Variable tropopause has bug fix from v7-04-11 but not 200 hPa cap at polar latitudes
  2. NOTE: There is a bug in this version when lightning emissions are turned off. The bug will be fixed in GEOS-Chem v7-04-13. For the time being, if you must turn lighting emissions off in v7-04-12, please do this by setting FLASHRATE = 0 in the lightning_nox_nl_mod.f.

1-Year Benchmarks

We have already done the following 1-year benchmark simulations:


In FTP directory: /as2/pub/ftp/pub/geos-chem/1yr_benchmarks/v7-04-12/geos4/2005/Run1

View output plots via the web HERE.

  • Run w/ 4x5 GEOS-4 for met field year 2005 (spun up thru 2003 & 2004)
  • with G-C "old" fossil fuel (GEIA + EPA/NEI99)
  • with G-C "default" climatological biomass burning
  • with old lightning parameterization
  • with MEGAN biogenic emissions
  • with SMVGEAR chemistry up to dynamic tropopause
  • with new dust emissions (w/ GOCART source function)
  • with new TOMS/SBUV ozone columns for FAST-J photolysis
  • with variable tropopause on

Mean OH: 11.763 [1e5 molec/cm3]


In FTP directory: /pub/geos-chem/1yr_benchmarks/v7-04-12/geos4/2005/Run2

View output plots via the web HERE.

  • Same as Run1, but uses new lightning parameterization (with OTD/LIS v2 regional redistribution of flashes)

Mean OH: 12.816 [1e5 molec/cm3]

--Bob Y. 11:19, 6 May 2009 (EDT)