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GEOS-Chem Versions Page

This page includes information about GEOS-Chem 14.0.2. This version contains fixes for several issues that were discovered after the release of patch version GEOS-Chem 14.0.1.

Version overview

The following fixes for bugs and technical issues have been added to GEOS-Chem 14.0.2. Also see the following Github pages:

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes and references
Update sample full-chemistry restart files to 10-year 14.0.0 benchmark output Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) Input data
Bug fixes for CH4 simulatons, including: Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard)
GitHub user @ruosiliang
Bob Yantosca (Harvard)
CH4 simulation
Fix indentation issue in geoschem_config.yml template files Lucas Estrada (Harvard) Diagnostics
Fix units of RxnRate diagnostics in Get_Metadata_State_Diag routine Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Diagnostics
Bug fix: Use proper KPP diagnostic flags in fullchem_mod.F90 Christoph Keller (GMAO) Diagnostics
Removed "dry air" text from metadata for State_Met%AIRVOL and State_Met%BXHEIGHT Chris Holmes (FSU) Diagnostics
Bug fix: Only write dry-run header to the HEMCO.log file if HEMCO output is not already being sent to the stdout stream GitHub user @jiaying002
Bob Yantosca (Harvard)
Close GEOS-Chem Classic restart files immediately after writing data to them Chris Holmes (FSU)
Bob Yantosca (Harvard)
GEOS-Chem Classic
Improve error messages encountered when reading the HEMCO configuration file Bob Yantosca (Harvard) HEMCO
Remove memory leaks from GEOS-Chem and HEMCO code Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Structural
Updates and bug fixes for CESM, including enabling GEOS-Chem diagnostics Haipeng Lin (Harvard)
Lizzie Lundgren (Harvard)

New data directories

The following data directories have been added or updated in this version. You will have to download the directories relevant to your simulation.

Inventory Simulations What was added? Directory
EDGAR v6.0, CH4 Lakes CH4 ExtData/HEMCO/CH4/v2022-11
Restart files
(version 14.0.0)
Transport Tracers
  • Restart files from 10-year benchmark simulations with GEOS-Chem 14.0.0

(version 14.0.0)
Specialty simulations
  • Concentrations, oxidants, aerosols, and prod/loss fields archived from the 10-year benchmark for GEOS-Chem Classic 14.0.0