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On this page we list software packages that are maintained by members of the International GEOS-Chem User Community.

NOTE: The GEOS-Chem Support Team takes no responsibility for these tools (other than maintaining this list). If you should encounter problems with the tools and/or related documentation, please contact the maintainer(s).

Software package Contributor(s) Scope Notes and references
Integrated Methane Inversion (IMI) Daniel Varon (Harvard)
Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard)
Lucas Estrada (Harvard)
Daniel Jacob (Harvard)
Analytical inversions

GEOS-Chem CHEmistry and Emissions REanalysis Interface with Observations (CHEEREIO) Drew Pendergrass (Harvard) Data assimilation
Python scripts for benchmarking the Hg simulation Ari Feinberg (MIT) Hg simulation
  • Contact @arifein at Github for more info
Tool for for generating input files for Fast-JX/Cloud-J Jared Brewer (Minnesota) Pre-processing
Tool for for generating input files for the Planeflight diagnostic Jared Brewer (Minnesota) Pre-processing
Python code for processing satellite output to produce column fields using averaging kernels Hannah Nesser (Harvard)
Elise Penn (Harvard)
  • Contact @hannahnesser at Github for more info
Derived products from a shapefile database for oil and gas infrastructure in North America Lee Murray (Rochester) Post-processing