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All users interested in the GEOS-Chem mercury and persistent organic pollutant (POPs) simulations are encouraged to subscribe to the Hg and POPs email list (click on the link in the contact information section below).

Information on existing projects and future developments in aerosols will be posted here. We encourage user groups to keep their information up-to-date.

Contact information

Hg and POPs Working Group Co-Chairs
Hg and POPs Working Group email list geos-chem-hg-pop [at] g.harvard.edu
To subscribe to email list Either
  • Send an email to geos-chem-hg-pop+subscribe [at] g.harvard.edu


To unsubscribe from email list Either
  • Send an email to geos-chem-hg-pop+unsubscribe [at] g.harvard.edu


Current GEOS-Chem Hg and POPs Projects (please add yours!)

User Group Description Contact Person Date Added or Updated

Harvard PCB ocean simulation in the mitgcm coupled to GEOS-Chem atmosphere. Charlotte Wagner June 2016
MIT PFCA atmospheric simulation Noelle Selin and
Colin Thackray
Apr 2017
MIT Incorporating AMAP/UNEP 2035 emissions inventories (Pacyna et al., 2016) Noelle Selin and
Helene Angot
13 April 2017
MIT Influence of the reactivity observed on the Antarctic plateau in summer on Hg deposition on a continental scale Noelle Selin and
Helene Angot
13 April 2017
MIT Evaluating impact of meteorological variability on wet deposition using GEOS-5, and an ensemble of present, mid-century, and end-of-century met fields from MIT IGSM-CAM Noelle Selin and
Amanda Giang
01 May 2017
MIT Evaluating mercury co-benefits of climate policy in China Noelle Selin and
Katie Mulvaney
15 May 2017
UOW Southern Hemisphere Hg with focus on Southern Ocean and Australia Jenny Fisher and
Neil Page
April 2019
University of York Development of online regional PAH model Peter Ivatt April 2017
FSU Development of fast ocean Hg simulation Chris Holmes May 2017
Harvard Gas-phase photolysis of HgII species Colin Thackray May 2019
Harvard GTMM terrestrial development Ben Geyman May 2019
Harvard Migrating the Hg simulation to a mechanism created with The Kinetic PreProcessor (KPP) Bob Yantosca Jun 2022
Add yours here!

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