GEOS-Chem 14.4.0

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GEOS-Chem Versions Page

This page includes information about GEOS-Chem 14.4.0.

Version overview

This version is currently in development

Repository GitHub Milestone DOI
GCClassic 14.4.0 14.4.0 milestone for geoschem/GCClassic TBD
GCHP 14.4.0 14.4.0 milestone for geoschem/GCHP TBD
GEOS-Chem (science codebase) 14.4.0 14.4.0 milestone for geoschem/geos-chem TBD
HEMCO 3.9.0 3.9.0 milestone for geoschem/HEMCO TBD

What's new in this version

Updates that will affect full-chemistry benchmark simulations

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes and references
UCX bug fixes : (1) Use proper 4th index for WERADIUS array; (2) Get density of black carbon from the species database Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Aerosols
Use GCARR_ac rate-law function for full-chemistry reactions where the Arrhenius B parameter is zero Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Chemistry
Fix uptake coefficients on stratospheric aerosol Chris Holmes (FSU) Chemistry
Updated gravitational settling, dry mass-weighted mean diameters and hygroscopic growth in aerosol dry deposition Yanshun Li (WashU) Dry Deposition
Add diel and day-of-week scale factors to global base emissions Dandan Zhang (WashU) Emissions
Updated 0.1x0.1 timezone file accounting for daylight savings Karn Vohra (UCL) Emissions
Update volcano emissions through 2023 Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard) Emissions
Update surface methane boundary condition using NOAA flask data Lee Murray (Rochester) Input data
Fix PBL level calculations Chris Holmes (FSU) PBL height

Updates that will NOT affect full-chemistry benchmark simulations

Feature Contributor(s) Model scope Notes and references
GCHP carbon simulation (and fixes for single-species carbon simulations) Melissa Sulprizio (Harvard)
Bob Yantosca (Harvard)
Carbon simulation
Allow up to 10 nested brackets in the HEMCO_Config.rc file Bob Yantosca (Harvard) HEMCO
Rename tags in geoschem_config.yml for nitrate aerosol photolysis as per GCSC suggestion Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Run directory
Remove remaining binary punch diagnostic code Bob Yantosca (Harvard) Structural

New data directories

The following data directories have been added or updated in this version. You will have to download the directories relevant to your simulation.

Inventory Simulations What was added? Directory
NOAA GMD CH4 surface boundary conditions Fullchem ExtData/HEMCO/NOAA_GMD/v2023-10

1-month full-chemistry benchmarks