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All users interested in the GEOS-Chem chemistry scheme and associated processes (photolysis, heterogeneous, deposition) are encouraged to subscribe to the chemistry email list (click on the link in the contact information section below).

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Oxidants and Chemistry Working Group Co-Chairs
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--Bob Y. (talk) 18:29, 21 August 2015 (UTC)

Current GEOS-Chem Chemistry Projects (please add yours!)

User Group Description Contact Person Date Added
NASA LARC Scheme for higher PN production from aromatics, MEK, monoterpenes, glycolaldehyde, and 1,3-butadiene Katherine R. Travis 19 Sep 2023

Columbia University Automated model reduction isoprene oxidation mechanism Benjamin Yang

Dan Westervelt

12 Sep 2023
NOAA CSL JPL Kinetic Review Update/C-N balance/stoichiometry update Kelvin Bates 01 Jul 2023
University of York Nitrate Photolysis Mat Evans

Matthew Rowlinson

08 Jun 2022
University of York Halogen reverse reactions Mat Evans

Hansen Cao

01 Jun 2022
University of York Chlorine chemistry Mat Evans

Amy Lees

01 Oct 2022
Harvard University and
Further development of The Kinetic PreProcessor (KPP) Bob Yantosca (GCST) 03 Jun 2022
Harvard University Adding an adaptive solver capability into KPP Haipeng Lin 03 Jun 2022
GCST Migrating the Hg chemistry mechanism to KPP Bob Yantosca (GCST) 03 Jun 2022
GCST Adding a CO-CO2-CH4-OCS chemistry mechanism with KPP Bob Yantosca (GCST) 03 Jun 2022
U Montana Furans chemistry in MCM and in GEOS-Chem Lixu Jin
Lu Hu
21 May 2022
U Wollongong Evaluation of aromatic oxidation products using new observational constraints Stephen MacFarlane 9 June 2022
UNSW, Sydney Contribution of the unexplored photochemistry of aldehydes to the tropospheric levels of hydrogen Maria Paula Perez-Pena 25 June 2021
University of California, Riverside Updates to DMS oxidation scheme William Porter 26 August 2020
Harvard University Overhaul of cloud pH code including: use of Newton's method and addition of crustal cations and organic acids Viral Shah
Jonathan Moch
5 May 2019
U Alaska Fairbanks Monoterpene oxidation and its impact on SOA formation Yiqi Zheng
Jingqiu Mao
21 April 2019
MIT Simulating the global reactive carbon budget Sarah Safieddine 12 April 2017
FSU Stratosphere-troposphere coupling, improvements to UCX & H2 chemistry Chris Holmes May 2017
FSU Methane and methyl chloroform lifetimes Chris Holmes May 2017
FSU Arctic halogen & ozone chemistry Chris Holmes May 2017

Current GEOS-Chem Chemistry Issues (please add yours!)

Carbon balance

Script for evaluating carbon balance

Barron Henderson wrote:

[I created] an evaluation script to preserve balances going forward as the mechanism evolves (e.g., as isoprene gets updated).

Currently, this done using an off-line script described in a linked note. The approach is pretty straight-forward, but could be expanded to check conservation of functional groups as suggested by Mat.

Longer term, the same technique would ideally be built-in to the standard KPP as an optional report. I discussed it with Michael Long and we both think that KPP has most of the capability for atom conservation (if not all). It may simply be a matter of defining the chemical formulas in the *.spc file.