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NASA/GMAO ceased production of MERRA data in mid-2015.

The current operational GMAO met data product is now the GEOS-FP operational product , which is supported in GEOS-Chem v9-02 and higher versions. We are processing GEOS-FP data for 2012 up to present day. You will be able to use GEOS-FP for both global and hi-res (0.25° x 0.3125°) nested-grid simulations starting with GEOS-Chem v9-02.

The current GMAO reanalysis product is MERRA-2, which is based on GEOS-DAS v5.12.4. MERRA-2 will look very similar to the current GEOS-FP operational data product.

On this page we list people who are using GEOS-Chem driven by the GMAO MERRA reanalysis product. Please feel free to add your own project to this list!

Investigator(s) Institution Project
Helen Amos Harvard Mercury simulation
Helen Amos Harvard Investigating MERRA vs. GEOS-5 differences in wet deposition
Tom Breider Harvard Investigating aerosols & ozone over the arctic
Jenny Fisher Harvard Looking at trends in MERRA sea ice fields
Dave Ridley Colorado State Running 30-year MERRA simulations focusing on dust.

--Bob Y. 14:47, 19 October 2011 (EDT)