GEOS-Chem Newsletter September 2009

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Dear GEOS-Chem Users,

We would like to wish all of you a happy new academic year, and welcome those of you who have recently joined the GEOS-Chem user community. In that spirit we are happy to bring you the latest GEOS-Chem newsletter.

Thank you for your continued support of GEOS-Chem!

Bob Yantosca, Philippe Le Sager, and Claire Carouge

GEOS-Chem Update

GEOS-Chem Steering Committee

The GEOS-Chem Steering Committee met (via telecon) on September 10, 2009. Click HERE to read the meeting minutes.

Next Steering Committee Telecon: TBA

GEOS-Chem Working Groups

We ask that each GEOS-Chem user join the Working Group that is most relevant to his/her area of research. For more information about a particular working group, please contact the appropriate Working Group Chairperson(s).

The Working Group Wiki pages are constantly being updated! Please be sure to check them often for the latest news:

Isoprene Telecon

Mat Evans is going to set up a telecon to discuss isoprene chemistry in GEOS-Chem. The telecon will take place on September 28th, 2009 at 1200 EDT (0900PDT, 1700 BST, 2400 HK). If you would like to participate, then please contact Mat at this email address.

GEOS-Chem v8-02-03

The next "beta" release will be GEOS-Chem v8-02-03. This version will have the following updates:

  • Kpp chemical solver (Adrian Sandu group @ VT)
  • ICOADS ship emissions (Chulkyu Lee @ Dalhousie)
  • Diagnostic updates (Claire Carouge & Philippe Le Sager)
  • Use of GEOS-5 ozone columns (C. Carouge)
  • Updated offline CH4 simulation (K. Wecht, C. Pickett-Heaps)

GEOS-Chem v8-02-03 will also have a modified code structure. Source code files will be partitioned into various subdirectories. This will allow GEOS-Chem to incorporate various several 3rd-party code packages (e.g. KPP, Linoz, TOMAS, APM, etc.) cleanly. Also, the Makefile structure for GEOS-Chem has been totally rewritten. More information will be forthcoming soon.

Philippe Le Sager has created a wiki page for the KPP chemical solver, which details how to compile and run with the various KPP options.

Also please see our anthropogenic emissions overview wiki page for the latest information about emissions inventories in GEOS-Chem v8-02-03.

GEOS-Chem v8-02-03 is about to be benchmarked. Stay tuned for more information!

In the Pipeline

The following updates are in the pipeline and are slated to be incorporated into GEOS-Chem after the v8-02-03 release.

  • Linoz (code has been passed off to GEOS-Chem support team): HIGH PRIORITY
  • MEGAN updates for isoprene (Mike Barkley)
  • TOMAS aerosol microphysics (CMU group)
  • Soil NOx emissions updates (Neil Moore, Rynda Hudman)

For a complete list of outstanding code updates, please see our GEOS-Chem model development priorities page.

GEOS-Chem Web and Wiki Updates

New Search Engines

Philippe Le Sager wrote:

I have created three public custom search engines. Nothing fancy or complicated, but some of you may find them helpful.
GEOS-Chem sites (it searches both the main site and the wiki)
GEOS-Chem Manual (it searches only the manual)
GAMAP Manual
Remember: a "find & grep" in your gamap installation directory is the best way to search the gamap scripts)
If you visit those links, you can see a:
   Add this search engine to your blog or webpage »
link, which tells you how to put those on your webpage if you are interested.

People and Projects Page

We have recently updated GEOS-Chem People and Projects Page to reflect the most recent list of institutions and personnel who are currently using GEOS-Chem. We would like to ask all GEOS-Chem users to take a quick look at this page and to let us know if there is any information that needs to be updated (i.e. new arrivals, departures, etc.).

Also, each user group should provide us with a brief description about how it is using GEOS-Chem. Please let us know if any of the existing information is outdated, or if you would like to submit a new summary.

Please submit all updates to the GEOS-Chem support team

Publications Page

We have just updated the GEOS-Chem Publications Page to reflect some recent paper submissions. We ask all GEOS-Chem users to send any updated paper citations to the GEOS-Chem support team

Other Website Updates

The following additional updates have been applied to the GEOS-Chem website:

Column Code Update

The GEOS-Chem column code continues to progress quickly. We will hold a telecon with NASA to discuss the technical details of how the column code can be integrated into the GEOS-5 GCM model at GSFC.

We have listed our guidelines for writing columnized code on the wiki. These are good rules of thumb for any programming project, and we encourage all GEOS-Chem users to follow these guidelines whenever possible.

You can track our progress on the GEOS-Chem column code wiki page. Check back often for the latest developments!

--Bob Y. 16:15, 18 September 2009 (EDT)