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Dear GEOS-Chem Users,

Here is the latest GEOS-Chem Newsletter ... The GEOS-Chem Meeting Recap edition.

Bob Yantosca, Philippe Le Sager, and Claire Carouge

GEOS-Chem Meeting 2009 Update

The 4th GEOS-Chem Scientific and Users' Meeting was held from April 7-10, 2009 @ Harvard University.

Steering Committee and Working Groups

Some of the highlights of the meeting were:

All users are encouraged to join the GEOS-Chem Working Group that is most closely aligned with their area of research. Please contact the relevant Working Group Chairperson for more information.

Each GEOS-Chem Working Group has its own wiki page:

which is to be maintained by the Working Group chairperson.


Presentations and photos from the GEOS-Chem meeting are now posted online HERE.

GEOS-Chem Model Update

Wiki updates

We have reorganized the wiki pages for the GEOS-Chem versions. Each GEOS-Chem version now has its own separate wiki page:

Each of the above wiki pages contains information about model updates, 1-year benchmarks (if necessary), and bugs and fixes for each GEOS-Chem version.

The previous page GEOS-Chem versions under development now contains links to each individual page listed above.

GEOS-Chem v8-01-04

A couple of issues were reported after the release of v8-01-04. These will be fully corrected in GEOS-Chem v8-02-01, but in the meantime we created a patch with the fixes that you can use in v8-01-04.

An additional 1-year benchmark (v8-01-04 Run2) was performed so that we could have a clean comparison between the "reprocessed" GEOS-5.1.0 met fields and the older GEOS-5.0.1 met fields. For more information about the different GEOS-5 versions, see this document from GMAO.

GEOS-Chem v8-02-01

The release of GEOS-Chem v8-02-01 (i.e. our "chemistry" release) will follow shortly. We are in the final testing phase and are in the process of updating the documentation on the website. Stay tuned...

Adjoint Model Update

Daven Henze ( wrote:

Adjoint model clinic presentation: If you weren't able to attend the adjoint modeling clinic, our presentation is available online HERE.
Adjoint code merge: Our adjoint model "merge meeting" is scheduled for June 6-9th at Virginia Tech. If you have any recommendations or things you would like to contribute, say a particular piece of adjoint code that you would like to see go into the next release, please let us know before then. We will likely convene an adjoint working group telecon shortly thereafter to report back to the group and setup future plans.
New code releases: We have decided to postpone any releases of new adjoint codes (from any version) until after the meeting in June, as that seems soon enough for most purposes, and some branches are still undergoing some final testing stages. This is also likely the easiest path for anybody interested in getting their hands on the code for the first time, as whatever version of the code you can get now is likely to change significantly by mid June. However, previous versions are available if you are really itching to get started.

GEOS-5 met field reprocessing


As described in the March 2009 newsletter, we are reprocessing the entire archive of GEOS-5 met field data. As of May 6, 2009 the following fields have been completed:

  • 2003: December only
  • 2004: entire year
  • 2005: entire year
  • 2008: entire year

for each of the following geographic domains:

  • China nested 0.5 x 0.667
  • Global 2 x 2.5
  • Global 4 x 5

The files have been TAR'd and Gzip'd for your convienience (as this dramatically reduces the size of the data). In each directory there are files 01.tar.gz, 02.tar.gz .. 12.tar.gz, each of which contains a single month of met field data. GEOS-Chem users outside Harvard may obtain these data files via anonymous FTP:

 cd pub/geos-chem/data/GEOS_0.5x0.666_CH.d/GEOS_5/2008
 mget *.tar.gz
 cd pub/geos-chem/data/GEOS_2x2.5.d/GEOS_5/2008
 mget *.tar.gz
 cd pub/geos-chem/data/GEOS_4x5.d/GEOS_5/2008
 mget *.tar.gz
 cd pub/geos-chem/data/GEOS_0.5x0.666_CH.d/GEOS_5/2004
 mget *.tar.gz
 cd pub/geos-chem/data/GEOS_2x2.5.d/GEOS_5/2004
 mget *.tar.gz
 cd pub/geos-chem/data/GEOS_4x5.d/GEOS_5/2004
 mget *.tar.gz

However, to simplify the FTP process you might want to use a 3rd party FTP software program with a GUI interface, such as Mozilla FireFTP.

We are currently working on reprocessing GEOS-5 met data for 2006; however, this effort has been slowed down by some filesystem problems at Harvard.

ESMF update

Development of the GEOS-Chem column chemistry module continues to proceed swiftly. The SMVGEAR solver has been columnized and is now in testing to ensure that it gives similar results to the existing GEOS-Chem. Also, the dust, sea salt, and carbon aerosol chemistry routines have been columnized and are working correctly.

--Bob Y. 16:31, 7 May 2009 (EDT)