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The CAC inventory has been superseded by APEI Canadian emissions.

On this page we provide information about the CAC anthropogenic emissions.


The Criteria Air Contaminants (CAC) inventory is a regional inventory of anthropogenic emissions over Canada. For more information about the data files, please see this README file.

Ammonia emissions

This update was tested in the 1-month benchmark simulation v9-02l and approved on 26 Jun 2013.

The latest anthropogenic ammonia (NH3) emissions inventory over Canada is provided by Agriculture Canada, acquired from detailed surveys on monthly emissions of five agricultural categories: beef, dairy, fertilizer, poultry, and swine. For more information about the data files, please see this README file.

Update 29 Jul 2013: The 1-year benchmark for v9-02l revealed that Canadian NH3 emissions were not varying with season as expected. Wai Ho Lo has reprocessed the data files for the CAC NH3 emissions. These new emission files are included in GEOS-Chem v9-02 (tested with benchmark v9-02r, which was approved on 14 Dec 2013).

--Melissa Sulprizio 18:20, 29 July 2013 (EDT)

High resolution emissions

This update was validated with the 1-month benchmark simulation v11-01j and approved on 03 Dec 2016

Aaron van Donkelaar provided CAC emission files on the native 0.1 x 0.1 degree grid. He also provided an updated NEI2011 mask file to correct for errors in the original file. He wrote:

In incorporating the 0.1 degree CAC file I came across an error in the NEI2011 mask. The original NEI2011 mask overwrote regions not covered within the inventory itself, effectively zeroing all emissions from any source over a sizeable swath of Northern Canada, including Albertas tarsands, as well as parts of Mexico. I've created the corrected mask.

--Melissa Sulprizio 21:24, 1 Nov 2016 (EDT)

Historical Canadian emissions

This update was included in v11-02f (approved 17 May 2018).

Chi Li wrote:

I have created a historical Canadian emission dataset. The time varying province-level emissions are from, covering years 1990-2014, and the spatial variation within a province is based on the previous CAC emission data (from Aaron van Donkelaar) in the closest year. Besides the original variables, I also calculated OC and BC emissions from PM2.5 emissions using sector-specific OC/BC to PM2.5 emission ratios from the EPA SPECIATE program, similar to the recent work by David Ridley. These data will all be in annual total emissions for each species.

--Bob Yantosca (talk) 15:53, 17 May 2018 (UTC)