Using R to analyze GEOS-Chem data

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On this page we include a tutorial about how to use the R programming language to analyze GEOS-Chem data.

Amos Tai <> wrote (Jan 2013):

I have prepared a tutorial for using R to analyze GEOS-Chem and atmospheric data in the package:


with the tutorial R script file and test data:


and an introductory guide to R for MATLAB users:


I have also written many R functions suitable for analyzing 2D and 3D GEOS-Chem, EPA and meteorological data in these source files:

  get_geo.R (for spatial analysis and visualization: interpolation, regridding, mapping, etc.)
  get_met.R (for dealing with time series and meteorological data)
  get_stat.R (for general statistical and mathematical methods)
  get_EPA.R (for handling EPA air quality data)

The files include detailed instructions for each function. They can be used by sourcing in the R environment:

  > source('get_geo.R')

These functions will be revised and updated from time to time. Feel free to download and use!