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All users interested in the GEOS-Chem transport scheme are encouraged to subscribe to the transport email list (click on the link in the contact information section section below).

Contact information

Transport Working Group Co-Chairs
Transport Working Group email list geos-chem-transport [at]
To subscribe to email list Either
  • Send an email to geos-chem-transport+subscribe [at]


To unsubscribe from email list Either
  • Send an email to geos-chem-transport+unsubscribe [at]


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Current GEOS-Chem Transport Projects (please add yours!)

User Group Description Contact Person
U. Toronto Assessing impact of transport biases on methane simulation and applying weak constraint 4D-Var to correct them Ilya Stanevich
U. Toronto Characterizing model transport errors using weak constraint 4D-Var Martin Keller
U. Toronto Quantifying the impact of errors in PBL mixing on CO2 Wei Lu
Harvard Examining the effect of grid resolution on vertical transport and convective mass fluxes Karen Yu
Harvard Quantifying the impact of numerical diffusion on plume transport and comparing to observed atmospheric diffusion Sebastian D. Eastham
Harvard Assessing the co-benefits of increasing vertical and horizontal grid resolutions for tracer transport Jiawei Zhuang
Dalhousie Implementation of a new PBL mixing scheme Aaron van Donkelaar
NIA / NASA Langley Constraints on Precipitation Scavenging and Transport of Soluble Trace Species From Airborne and Surface Radionuclide (222Rn, 210Pb, 7Be, 10Be) Observations Bo Zhang Hongyu Liu
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Current GEOS-Chem Transport Issues

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