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I’m trying to run adjoint code (v6-2-5, full chem) at some machine

but I stuck on the allocation error.

The system support 64-bit ifort (Linux) and I tested the stacksize and KMP size for many times (there should be enough memory). and there is no job scheduler, so I submit the job by typing "./scriptfile"

And I got across this message,

   - READ_TROPOPAUSE: Reading Gdata/GEOS_2x2.5/ann_mean_trop_200202/ann_mean_trop.geos4.2x25
    - READ_TROPOPAUSE: Minimum tropospheric extent, L=1 to L= 10
    - READ_TROPOPAUSE: Maximum tropospheric extent, L=1 to L= 17
    - READ_TROPOPAUSE: # of tropopsheric boxes:    173907
    - READ_TROPOPAUSE: # of stratospheric boxes:   219213
    - INIT_COMODE: Allocating arrays for SMVGEAR...

GEOS-CHEM ERROR: Allocation error in array: RKPP

STOP at alloc_err.f

    - CLEANUP: deallocating arrays now...

Have you experience this kind of error? Changing memory setting doesn't help and the array(s) are not big.