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!width="225px"|Notes and references
!width="225px"|Notes and references
|[https://cheereio.readthedocs.io/ GEOS-Chem CHEmistry and Emissions REanalysis Interface with Observations (CHEEREIO)]
|Drew Pendergrass (Harvard)
|Data assimilation
*See [https://cheereio.readthedocs.io cheereio.readthedocs.io]

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On this page we list software packages that are maintained by members of the International GEOS-Chem User Community.

Software package Contributor(s) Scope Notes and references
Python scripts for benchmarking the Hg simulation Ari Feinberg (MIT) Hg simulation
  • Contact @arifein at Github for more info
Tool for for generating input files for Fast-JX/Cloud-J Jared Brewer (Minnesota) Pre-processing
Tool for for generating input files for the Planeflight diagnostic Jared Brewer (Minnesota) Pre-processing
Python code for processing satellite output to produce column fields using averaging kernels Hannah Nesser (Harvard)
Elise Penn (Harvard)
  • Contact @hannahnesser at Github for more info
Derived products from a shapefile database for oil and gas infrastructure in North America Lee Murray (Rochester) Post-processing