Minimum system requirements for GEOS-Chem

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  1. Minimum system requirements
  2. Installing required software
  3. Configuring your computational environment
  4. Downloading source code
  5. Downloading data directories
  6. Creating run directories
  7. Configuring runs
  8. Compiling
  9. Running
  10. Output files
  11. Python tools for use with GEOS-Chem
  12. Coding and debugging
  13. Further reading


This manual will walk you through setting up and running GEOS-Chem simulations in "Classic" mode (using OpenMP parallelization across several cores of a single computational node).

If you interested in using GEOS-Chem's high-performance mode (GCHP) to parallelize across hundreds or thousands of computational cores, please see:

System requirements for GEOS-Chem Classic

Before obtaining the GEOS-Chem source code, you should consider if your computational system meets the minimum system requirements. Please see the following chapters for more information:

  1. GEOS-Chem required hardware
  2. GEOS-Chem required software
  3. GEOS-Chem required disk space

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