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Hello Team-Hg

Here's the list of things I *think* we came up with on Friday regarding cleaning up the code (feel free to add/comment):

1) Standardize the solver. Everyone should use the solver Chris developed for the Hg chemistry
(located at ~cdh/GC/RevisedChem.v7-04-06/mercury_mod.f)
*outstanding issue - dry dep of Hg0* <- currently working on this (eds)
2) Catalog all emissions options and develop clear flagging system to choose your own adventure. This will include different anthropogenic emissions scenarios/corrections (i.e Jaffe vs. Streets), different land emissions. <- going to work on the anthro emissions soon (eds)
3) Diagnostics. We didn't get to discuss this, but we need to decide what should be included in the diagnostics.
4) Comment everything in the code. Remove old bits of code that are hanging around & commented out.
5) GEOS-5
6) Get the land stuff out of ocean_mercury_mod.f and into it's own module

Chemistry 'issues'

1) Oxidant
2) Snow/ice scavenging of HgII
3) Do I remember something about dry deposition of HgII including aqueous Hg in the code? (chris, you brought this up but I am forgetting exactly what you said)