List of GEOS-5 met fields

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Met Fields

GMAO Documentation

List of GEOS-5 Fields used in GEOS-Chem

Instantaneous 6-hr (aka "I6") Fields

GEOS-5 Field Description Units GEOS-4 Equivalent GEOS-3 Equivalent
LWI 2-D land / water / ice flags unitless LWI SURFTYPE
PS 2-D surface pressure hPa PS PS
SLP 2-D sea level pressure hPa SLP SLP
TO3 2-D total ozone column DU none none
TTO3 2-D total tropospheric ozone column DU none none

Average 3-hr (aka "A3") Fields

GEOS-5 Field Description Units GEOS-4 Equivalent GEOS-3 Equivalent
ALBEDO 2-D surface albedo unitless ALBEDO ALBEDO
CLDTOT 2-D column cloud fraction fraction CLDFRC CLDFRC
EVAP 2-D evapotranspiration flux kg/m2/s EVAP EVAP
GRN 2-D greenness index fraction none none
GWETROOT 2-D root zone soil moisture fraction GWETROOT GWETROOT (not used)
GWETTOP 2-D top soil moisture fraction GWETTOP GWETTOP
HFLUX 2-D sensible heat flux W/m2 HFLUX HFLUX
LAI 2-D leaf area index m2/m2 LAI LAI
LWGNET 2-D net longwave radiation @ ground W/m2 RADLWG RADLWG
PARDF 2-D diffuse photosyn active rad W/m2 PARDF PARDF
PARDR 2-D direct photosyn active rad W/m2 PARDR PARDR
PBLH 2-D PBL thickness m PBLH PBL
PRECCON 2-D total convective precip @ ground kg/m2/s PRECON PRECON
PRECTOT 2-D total precipitation @ ground kg/m2/s PREACC PREACC
PRECSNO 2-D total snow precipitation @ ground kg/m2/s none none
SNOMAS 2-D snow depth (H2O equivalent m SNOW SNOW
SNODP 2-D snow depth (geometric) m none none
SWGNET 2-D net shortwave rad @ ground W/m2 RADSWG RADSWG
T2M 2-D air temperature @ 2m above ground K T2M TS
TROPP 2-D tropopause pressure hPa TROPP TROPP
TSKIN 2-D ground (skin) temperature K TSKIN TGROUND
U10M 2-D U-wind @ 10m above ground m/s U10M U10M
USTAR 2-D Friction velocity m/s USTAR USTAR
V10M 2-D V-wind @ 10m above ground m/s V10M V10M
Z0M 2-D Roughness height m Z0M Z0

Average 6-hr (aka "A6") Fields

GEOS-5 Field Description Units GEOS-4 Equivalent GEOS-3 Equivalent
DQIDTMST 3-D tendency of QV in ice processes kg/kg/s none none
DQLDTMST 3-D tendency of QV in moist processes kg/kg/s none none
DQVDTMST 3-D tendency of QV in vapor processes kg/kg/s none none
MOISTQ 3-D overall tendency of QV g/kg/day MOISTQ MOISTQ
CMFMC 3-D convective mass flux kg/m2/s none CLDMAS
DTRAIN 3-D detrainment mass flux kg/m2/s none DTRAIN
DQRCON 3-D precip from conv processes kg/m2/s none none
DQRLSC 3-D precip from lg scl processes kg/m2/s none none
CLOUD 3-D cloud fraction unitless CLDTOT CLDF
TAUCLI 3-D grid box opt depth, ice-path unitless TAUCLI TAUCLD
TAUCLW 3-D grid box opt depth, H2O-path unitless TAUCLW TAUCLD
OPTDEPTH 3-D overall optical depth unitless OPTDEPTH OPTDEPTH
PLE 3-D pressure at grid box edges hPa none none
PV 3-D Ertel potential vorticity K*m2/kg/s PV (not used) none
QI 3-D ice mixing ratio kg/kg none none
QL 3-D water mixing ratio kg/kg none none
QV 3-D specific humidity kg/kg Q SPHU
RH 3-D relative humidity percent RH RH (not used)
T 3-D temperature K T TMPU
U 3-D zonal wind m/s U UWND
V 3-D meridional wind m/s V VWND

Wet scavenging in GEOS-5


There can be significant differences in the amount of tracer lost to wet scavenging in GEOS-5 as compared to the equivalent run in GEOS-4. Click HERE to view a powerpoint that describes some of the differences.