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== Implementation of RETRO Anthropogenic Emissions ==
Dear colleagues:
Dear colleagues:

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Dear colleagues:

Updating the anthropogenic VOC emissions was identified as a priority update for GEOS-Chem at the previous GEOS-Chem Scientific and Users' Meeting. We have recently completed an update which allows RETRO anthropogenic VOC emissions to be read into the model. The RETRO inventory has improved temporal and spatial resolution and a more inclusive suite of speciated NMVOCs than many of the inventories currently employed. The new code allows for input of 13 anthropogenic VOCs, with a notable exception of acetone. In addition to the new input data from RETRO, this update fixes a bug associated with EPA/NEI CH2O emissions data.

A description of RETRO and a comparison with the existing inventories is posted here. We plan to submit this update to the GEOS-Chem support team for inclusion in the mainline model, but would first very much appreciate hearing any feedback or comments you might have. Our intention was to implement this as an option (rather than the default) at least until there has been some opportunity for comparison against observations.

Best regards,
Wes Reinhart
University of Minnesota