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  15. History collections for CO2
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The CO2 collection

The CO2 collection contains diagnostic outputs from the CO2 simulation.

NOTE: Many other diagnostics for the CO2 simulation are archived via HEMCO diagnostics.``

Here is a sample definition section for the CO2 collection.

  • If this collection is not already present in the HISTORY.rc file in the GEOS-Chem run directory for your selected simulation, you can copy and paste this into your HISTORY.rc file and edit accordingly.
  • To prevent an individual field from being included in the diagnostic output, place a comment character # in front of the field name.
  • Please see our Legend for History diagnostics page for more information about each of the collection tags.
  CO2.template:      '%y4%m2%d2_%h2%n2z.nc4',
  CO2.format:        'CFIO',
  CO2.frequency:     00000100 000000
  CO2.duration:      00000100 000000
  CO2.mode:          'time-averaged'
  CO2.fields:        'ProdCO2fromCO                        ', 'GIGCchem', 

The table below describes diagnostic quantities belonging to the RadioNuclide collection.

Diagnostic name Description Units Wildcards Simulations Notes Bpch equiv.
ProdCO2fromCO Chemical production of CO2 from CO kg/m2/s
  • CO2

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