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NOTE: Page under construction!

All users interested in the GEOS-Chem mercury and persistent organic pollutant (POPs) simulations are encouraged to subscribe to the Hg and POPs email list (click on the link in the contact information section below).

Information on existing projects and future developments in aerosols will be posted here. We encourage user groups to keep their information up-to-date.

Contact information

Current GEOS-Chem Hg and POPs Projects (please add yours!)

User Group Description Contact Person Date Added
UW N. American nested grid Hg simulation development Yanxu Zhang July 5 2010
UW Hg long-range transport and deposition over Alaska Lyatt Jaeglé July 5 2010
Add yours here!

Recent GEOS-Chem updates related to Hg and POPs

On-going Hg and POPs Wrking Group Developments

  1. Development of GEOS-5 0.5x0.667 nested grid Hg simulation over the N. American domain. (contact: Yanxu Zhang, UW).

Issues / Topics for Discussion