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All users interested in the GEOS-Chem mercury and persistent organic pollutant (POPs) simulations are encouraged to subscribe to the Hg and POPs email list (click on the link in the contact information section below).

Information on existing projects and future developments in aerosols will be posted here. We encourage user groups to keep their information up-to-date.

Contact information

Hg and POPs Working Group Co-Chairs Jenny Fisher and Chris Holmes
Hg and POPs Working Group email list geos-chem-hg-pop [at] seas.harvard.edu
To subscribe to email list Send email to geos-chem-hg-pop-join [at] seas.harvard.edu
To unsubscribe from email list Send email to geos-chem-hg-pop-leave [at] seas.harvard.edu

Current GEOS-Chem Hg and POPs Projects (please add yours!)

User Group Description Contact Person Date Added
UW Hg long-range transport and deposition over Alaska Lyatt Jaeglé 05 Jul 2010
MIT Development of a PCB simulation and assessment of climate change impacts on pathways to the Arctic Noelle Selin and
Carey Friedman
05 May 2015
MIT Analysis of Wet Deposition and RGM to constrain Hg-Br chemistry Noelle Selin and
Shaojie Song
05 May 2015
Harvard Hg continental-scale source-receptor relationships Bess Sturges Corbitt 02 Aug 2010
Harvard Hg coupled atmosphere-terrestrial exchange and future climate change simulations Bess Sturges Corbitt 02 Aug 2010
Harvard Updating the surface ocean representation with methyl mercury species (focus on the Arctic) Anne L. Soerensen 16 Nov 2011
Harvard Fate of Hg released from products Hannah Horowitz 22 Sep 2011
UCIrvine Mercury isotope budget and processes Christopher Holmes 31 Jan 2012
UCIrvine Mercury processes in the tropics Christopher Holmes 31 Jan 2012
MIT Incorporating EDGAR and UNEP/AMAP 2010 emissions inventories Noelle Selin and
Shaojie Song
Jan 2013
MIT PFOS and PFOA atmospheric simulation Noelle Selin and
Colin Pike-Thackray
17 Feb 2013
UOW Southern Hemisphere Hg with focus on Australia (and possibly Antarctic) Jenny Fisher 06 May 2015
MTU Effects of climate change on atmospheric transport and deposition of mercury Huanxin Zhang 27 Sep 2013
Harvard Adding selenium chemistry to the slab surface ocean Hg-model Anne L. Soerensen 15 Oct 2013
PKU Global change impacts on Hg biogeochemical cycling: insights on atmospheric Hg trends Long Chen 8 Aug 2014
Harvard Improved atmospheric oxidation mechanism for Hg(0) including updated Dibble chemistry and other updates, constrained and evaluated to match the ensemble of global atmospheric observations. The mechanism will rely on updated GEOS-Chem Br and Cl fields currently being developed by Johan Schmidt in a separate Harvard project focused on reconciling the model with new aircraft and satellite observations of BrO and HOBr. Johan Schmidt's work is expected to be submitted for publication in summer 2015 and at that point his 3-D halogen fields can be submitted for inclusion in the standard GEOS-Chem Hg model. We expect to submit our finalized and evaluated Hg(0)/Hg(II) mechanism for publication in summer/fall 2015 and at that point this will also be submitted to the standard GEOS-Chem model. Hannah Horowitz Johan Schmidt 9 Sep 2014
MIT Developing nested policy emissions scenarios (Great Lakes, US, global) Noelle Selin and
Amanda Giang
06 May 2015
MIT Improving representation of deposition to lakes (small fixes, potentially more based on Friedman PCB lake model) Noelle Selin and
Amanda Giang
06 May 2015
MIT Evaluating EDGAR v4.tox2 emissions inventories, with different regional and sectoral speciation scenarios Marilena Muntean (EDGAR lead), Shaojie Song and
Amanda Giang
06 May 2015
Harvard PCB ocean simulation in the mitgcm coupled to GEOS-Chem atmosphere. Helen Amos 08 May 2015
Add yours here!

--Bob Y. 15:13, 25 April 2014 (EDT)

Recent GEOS-Chem updates related to Hg and POPs

The following development items have recently been added to GEOS-Chem:

Version Released Update Author(s)
v9-02 Mar 2014 Development of GEOS-5 0.5x0.667 nested grid Hg simulation over the N. American domain Yanxu Zhang (U. Washington)
v9-02 Mar 2014 Implement NEI 2005 Hg emission inventory over US Yanxu Zhang (U. Washington)
v9-02 Mar 2014 Correct Hg simulation to use updated Hg(0) oxidation kinetics Bess Corbitt(Harvard)
Justin Parella (Harvard)
v9-02 Mar 2014 Option to use GEOS-Chem Br/BrO fields from Justin Parrella Bess Corbitt(Harvard)
Justin Parella (Harvard)
v9-02 Mar 2014 Streets future Hg emissions Bess Corbitt (Harvard)
v9-02 Mar 2014 POPs simulation: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons Carey Friedman (MIT)
Noelle Selin (MIT)
v9-01-03 Sep 2012 Hg(II) gas-particle partitioning Helen Amos (Harvard)
v9-01-03 Sep 2012 Nested grid simulation over North America Yanxu Zhang (UW)
v9-01-02 Nov 2011 Hg anthropogenic emissions options for the year 2006 or 2050 following SRES scenarios A1B, A2, B1, and B2 from Streets et al. 2009. Bess Sturges Corbitt (Harvard)
v9-01-02 Nov 2011 Bug fixes impacting the Hg simulation: Chris Holmes (UC Irvine)
Team Hg
GEOS-Chem Support Team

--Bob Y. 15:37, 16 January 2014 (EST)

On-going Hg and POPs Working Group Developments

Update Contact Status
Implement improved bromine explosion emission and chemistry in the Arctic Jenny Fisher (Wollongong)
Implement improved snowpack reduction and re-emission in the Arctic Jenny Fisher (Wollongong)
Implement Hg source to Arctic Ocean from riverine inputs Jenny Fisher (Wollongong)

--Bob Y. 15:14, 25 April 2014 (EDT)

Issues / Topics for Discussion

More discussion of the Hg simulation (code, issues, diagnostics) can be found on the Mercury page.