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''''' [[Getting Started with GEOS-Chem]] | [[Main_Page|GEOS-Chem Main Page]]'''''
''''' [[Getting Started with GEOS-Chem]] | [[Main_Page|GEOS-Chem Main Page]] | [[GEOS-Chem overview#GEOS-Chem Guides|GEOS-Chem Guides]]'''''
== Overview ==
== Overview ==

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Getting Started with GEOS-Chem | GEOS-Chem Main Page | GEOS-Chem Guides


On this page we link to information about the netCDF file format and the netCDF software library (which allows GEOS-Chem to create and read netCDF files).


  1. Introduction to netCDF
  2. Check if netCDF is already installed on your system
  3. Use Spack to install netCDF on your system
  4. The COARDS netCDF conventions for earth science data
  5. Working with netCDF data files
  6. Creating netCDF data files for GEOS-Chem

Further reading

  1. The HDF5 library (netCDF depends on this)
  2. The MPI library (used by GCHP)
  3. The ESMF library (used by GCHP)
  4. Guide to visualization and analysis tools for GEOS-Chem