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(Further reading)
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== Further reading ==
== Further reading ==
#[https://www.techopedia.com/definition/17035/amdahls-law ''What is Amdahl's law'' (Techopedia)]
#[https://www.kth.se/blogs/pdc/2018/11/scalability-strong-and-weak-scaling/ ''Scalability: Strong scaling and weak scaling'' (PDC blog)]
#[https://www.sharcnet.ca/help/index.php/Measuring_Parallel_Scaling_Performance ''Measuring parallel scaling performance'' (Sharcnet)]

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Getting Started with GEOS-Chem | GEOS-Chem Main Page


In this guide, we provide information about GEOS-Chem performance, as well as information about how to profile GEOS_Chem.


  1. GEOS-Chem 7-day timing tests
  2. GEOS-Chem scalability
  3. GEOS-Chem 1-month benchmark timing results
  4. Profiling GEOS-Chem with the TAU performance system

Further reading

  1. What is Amdahl's law (Techopedia)
  2. Scalability: Strong scaling and weak scaling (PDC blog)
  3. Measuring parallel scaling performance (Sharcnet)