Guide to GEOS-Chem error messages

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We have been migrating bug reports to our GEOS-Chem issue tracker, which is located on our Github repository: We recommend that you also look through both the open and closed issues on this page, as your issue might be listed there.

On this page we link to information about some commonly-encountered GEOS-Chem error messages, and how to resolve them.


  1. Understanding the different categories of errors
  2. Compile-time warnings and errors
  3. Run-time crashes and abnormal exits
  4. Segmentation faults
  5. Other less-common errors

Further reading

  1. Compiling GEOS-Chem
  2. Debugging GEOS-Chem
  3. Guide to compilers for GEOS-Chem
  4. List of bugs & technical issues, and in which version they were fixed
  5. Running GEOS-Chem