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== Overview ==
== Overview ==
<span style="color:darkorange">'''''We have migrated bug reports to our GEOS-Chem issue tracker, which is located on our Github repository: https://github.com/geoschem/geos-chem/issues/.  We recommend that you also look through both the open and closed issues on this page, as your issue might be listed there.'''''</span>
<span style="color:red"><strong><big>We have migrated bug reports and support requests to our [https://github.com/geoschem/geos-chem/issues/ Github issue tracker].</big></strong></span>

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We have migrated bug reports and support requests to our Github issue tracker.

On this page we link to information about some commonly-encountered GEOS-Chem error messages, and how to resolve them.


  1. Understanding the different categories of errors
  2. Compile-time warnings and errors
  3. Run-time crashes and abnormal exits
  4. Segmentation faults
  5. Other less-common errors

Further reading

  1. Compiling GEOS-Chem
  2. Debugging GEOS-Chem
  3. Guide to compilers for GEOS-Chem
  4. List of bugs & technical issues, and in which version they were fixed
  5. Running GEOS-Chem
  6. Submitting GEOS-Chem support requests