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== Additional resources ==
== Additional resources ==
* [[GEOS-Chem overview]]
* [[The HEMCO User's Guide]]
* [[The HEMCO User's Guide]]
* [[HEMCO examples]]
* [[HEMCO examples]]

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GEOS-Chem Main Page


On this page we provide information on getting started with GEOS-Chem "classic." Please see the Getting Started With GCHP page for information on the next generation of GEOS-Chem.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Minimum system requirements
  2. Downloading source code
  3. Downloading data directories
  4. Creating run directories
  5. Configuring runs
  6. Compiling
  7. Running
  8. Output files
  9. Visualizing and processing output
  10. Coding and debugging
  11. Getting help
  12. Further reading

Additional resources

Getting help