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GCHP Main Page


GEOS-Chem High Performance (GCHP) represents the next generation of GEOS-Chem. Capabilities that distinguish GCHP from standard GEOS-Chem (GEOS-Chem "Classic") include:

  • Flexible-resolution simulations, from ~4° x 5° (C24) to ~0.25° x 0.3125° (C360) without the need for code edits or recompilation
  • Use of the cubed-sphere (CS) grid, which eliminates the need for polar filtering and brings GEOS-Chem into line with the NASA GEOS AGCM
  • MPI distributed-memory parallelization which enables running a single job across multiple machines

This page will guide you through the wiki pages to get started with the latest release of GCHP. For a very quick start guide, see also

GCHP Quick Start Guide

  1. Hardware and Software Requirements
  2. Setting Up the GCHP Environment
  3. Downloading Source Code and Data Directories
  4. Compiling
  5. Obtaining a Run Directory
  6. Running GCHP: Basics
  7. Running GCHP: Configuration
  8. Output Data
  9. Developing GCHP
  10. Run Configuration Files

GCHP Main Page