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NOTE: In light of our new benchmarking procedure instituted at IGC5, every GEOS-Chem version released to the user community is now a public release, in the sense that we run a 1-year benchmark before making the code available. The 1-month benchmarks now replace what we used to call "beta releases". This allows us to retire the last two numbers in the version name. We shall henceforth denote GEOS-Chem versions as GEOS-Chem v9-02, etc. instead of using the previous nomenclature (e.g. GEOS-Chem v9-01-03).


What's new in this version

GEOS-Chem v9-02 shall contain the following major updates and improvements. The order has been determined by the GEOS-Chem Steering Committee. We will also continue to add source code updates for the Grid-independent GEOS-Chem project at regular intervals.

NOTE: v9-02a, v9-02b, etc. denote 1-month benchmark simulations.

Feature Type Submitted by Benchmark(s) Status
Correction for GEOS-5 PBL heights Bug Fix Sajeev Philip (Dalhousie) v9-02a Approved 16 Oct 2012
New soil NOx emission module Science Rynda Hudman (UC Berkeley)
Neil Moore (Dalhousie)
Bram Maasakkers (Eindhoven)
v9-02b TBD
Bug fix in hdf_mod.F Bug fix S. Philip (Dalhousie) " " " "
EPA/NEI05 North American Hg emissions Science Yanxu Zhang (U. Washington)
Lyatt Jaeglé (U. Washington)
+ Hg benchmark (by Hg and POPs Working Group)
Nested-grid Hg simulation Science Yanxu Zhang (U. Washington)
Lyatt Jaeglé (U. Washington)
" " " "
Streets future Hg emissions Science Bess Corbitt (Harvard) " " " "
Correct Hg simulation to use updated Hg(0) oxidation kinetics and Br/BrO fields Science Bess Corbitt(Harvard)
Justin Parrella (Harvard)
" " " "
POPs simulation: Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons Science Carey Friedman (MIT) " " " "
Inorganic chemistry updates Science Mat Evans (York) v9-02d
+ 1 year benchmark
Methyl peroxy nitrate (MPN) chemistry Science Ellie Browne (UC Berkeley) " " " "
Fix RO2+HO2 rate constant Science Fabien Paulot (Harvard) " " " "
Adopt Paulot isoprene scheme as standard Science Fabien Paulot (Harvard)
Eloise Marais (Harvard)
Jingqiu Mao (NASA/GFDL)
Mat Evans (York)
" " " "
Improved HO2 uptake by aerosol Science Jingqiu Mao (NASA/GFDL) " " " "
Removal of NOx-Ox partitioning Science GEOS-Chem Support Team " " " "
Updated Canadian NH3 inventory Science Wai-Ho Lo (Dalhousie) v9-02e
+ 1-year benchmark
RCP emission scenarios Science Chris Holmes (UC Irvine) " " " "
EDGAR v4.2 emissions for CH4 simulation Science Kevin Wecht (Harvard) " " " "
Update anthropogenic scale factors through 2010 Science Aaron van Donkelaar (Dalhousie) " " " "
Update to EDGAR 4 anthropogenic emissions Science Qiang Zhang (Tsinghua)
Sajeev Philip (Dalhousie)
" " " "
Interannual lightning Science Lee Murray (Harvard) " " " "
SOA simulation with semi-volatile POA Science Havala Pye (EPA)
GEOS-Chem Support Team
+ 1-year benchmark
Acid uptake on dust aerosols Science T. Duncan Fairlie (NASA/LARC) " " " "
Cloudwater pH for sulfate formation Science Becky Alexander (U. Washington) " " " "
Update jv_spec.dat with better representation
of OC growth with RH and correction to sulfate optics
Science David Ridley (MIT) " " " "
Nested-grid model at 0.25° x 0.3125° resolution using GEOS-5 "FP" met data product from GMAO Structural Yuxuan Wang (Tsinghua)
GEOS-Chem Support Team
+ Nested-grid benchmark (by Nested Model WG)
High-resolution emissions for above nested-grid model Science Yuxuan Wang (Tsinghua)
GEOS-Chem Support Team
" " " "
Global simulations with GEOS-5 "FP" data product from GMAO
(Needed for the 0.25° x 0.3125° nested-grid simulations)
Structural GEOS-Chem Support Team " " " "
Improve temporal resolution of anthropogenic CO2 sources Science Ray Nassar (Environment Canada) v9-02h
+ CO2 benchmark (by Carbon Gases & Organics WG)
Replace CASA CO2 biosphere climatology with year-specific fluxes Science Ray Nassar (Environment Canada)
Dylan Jones (U. Toronto)
" " " "

--Bob Y. 10:49, 5 October 2012 (EDT)
--Melissa Payer 18:09, 16 October 2012 (EDT)

New data directories

The following new data directories have been added for GEOS-Chem v9-02. You will have to download the directories relevant to your simulation.

You can download these directories with anonymous FTP or the Wget utility. For instructions, please see Chapter 2.4, Downloading the GEOS-Chem shared data directories in the GEOS-Chem Online User's Guide.

GEOS_0.5x0.666_NA/RETRO_201103                                         # RETRO anthropogenic VOC emissions
GEOS_0.5x0.666_EU/RETRO_201103                                         # RETRO anthropogenic VOC emissions
GEOS_0.5x0.666_CH/RETRO_201103                                         # RETRO anthropogenic VOC emissions

Previous issues now resolved in GEOS-Chem v9-02

Correction for GEOS-5 PBL heights

This update was tested in the 1-month benchmark simulation v9-02a and approved on 16 Oct 2012.

Please see this wiki post for a full description of this issue.

--Bob Y. 11:01, 5 October 2012 (EDT)

Outstanding issues not yet resolved in GEOS-Chem v9-02