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Will contain everything in v8-01-04 plus the following:

  1. Glyoxal chemistry (May Fu) (NOTE: This is an option which is turned off by default)
  2. Updated J(O1D) cross sections (Lin Zhang)
  3. Updated reaction rates (Jingqiu Mao, Dylan Millet, Palmer group @ U. Edinburgh)
  4. HO2 uptake (Lyatt Jaegle)
  5. Updated dust single scattering albedo (Randall Martin)

1-year benchmarks


Three GEOS-Chem model versions were compared to each other:

Color Quantity Plotted Met Field Type Anthro Emissions Photolysis
Annual Mean OH
[105 molec/cm3]
Red v8-01-04 Run1 GEOS-5 4x5
version 5.0.1
w/ "quick fix"
for optical depth

spinup: 2005
run: 2005
EDGAR emissions
EMEP European emissions
BRAVO Mexican emissions
David Streets 2006 emissions
CAC Canadian emissions
EPA/NEI99 with ICARTT fix
EDGAR ship emissions
ARCTAS ship SO2 emissions
Anthro scale year 2005
"old" jv_spec.dat Mostly unchanged
from v5-07-08
except for
a few revisions
Green v8-01-04 Run2 GEOS-5 4x5 version 5.1.0,
"reprocessed" met fields

spinup: 2004
run: 2005
" " " " " " 11.099
Blue v8-02-01 Run0 " " " " "updated" jv_spec.dat "updated" chemical mechanism
(cf. J. Mao, D. Millet,
T-M. Fu, Palmer Group
@ U. Edinburgh)
Black Observations          


  1. v8-01-04 Run2 vs. v8-01-04 Run1 is a clean comparison between the GEOS-5.0.1 and GEOS-5.1.0 met products.
  2. v8-02-01 Run0 vs. v8-01-04 Run2 is a clean validation for the new chemistry mechanism, photolysis rates, and other updates that were added into v8-02-01.
  3. All runs used the same:

The output plots for Run0 may be downloaded from:

cd pub/geos-chem/1yr_benchmarks/v8-02-01/geos5/2005/Run0/output

Previous issues now resolved in v8-02-01

Minor error in gamap_mod.f

Noelle Selin ( wrote:

In my testing/debugging, the compiler found another problem: in gamap_mod, line 1313 and forward (init_tracerinfo):
   DO T = 1, N_TRACERS

      ! Store quantities for each tracer
      NAME (T,45) = TRACER_NAME(T)
      FNAME(T,45) = TRIM( NAME(T,45) ) // ' tracer'
      MOLC (T,45) = INT( TRACER_COEFF(T,1) )
      SCALE(T,45) = 1.0e+9
      INDEX(T,45) = N
The error pulled was that N did not have a previous value. Should it be T? (I changed it to T and it seemed OK...but again it's gamap_mod so it doesn't seem like a big deal).

Philippe Le Sager ( wrote:

yes, it should be T. We recently found about that when debugging for Jenny, and we already put it in the next version being tested now.

--Bob Y. 12:28, 6 May 2009 (EDT)