GEOS-Chem participation in community intercomparisons

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On this page we provide information about the use of GEOS-Chem in community model intercomparison projects.

Table of intercomparisons using GEOS-Chem results

If you have used GEOS-Chem results in a model intercomparison study, we invite you to add your information to the table below.

Intercomparison Species Contributors G-C version
and resolution
Simulation Years Data Availability References Comments
AeroCom OA Organic aerosols Gabriele Curci (University of L'Aquila)
  • v8-02-02
  • GEOS-5
  • 2°x2.5° GMAO global grid
2006 No references at the moment, activity in progress Saharan dust emissions were reduced by a factor of 3 following Generoso et al. (JGR 2008). A dedicated software was developed for conversion from GEOS-Chem binary format to AeroCom netCDF format (available on request).
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