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  1. Minimum system requirements
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  4. Downloading source code
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Output files created by GEOS-Chem

GEOS-Chem creates several output files. They can be grouped into 3 categories. Please click on each link to find more information.

Output file type Description
Log files Log files redirect the output of GEOS-Chem PRINT* or WRITE statements to a file. You can check the log files for an "echo-back" of simulation options, as well as error messages.
Restart files Restart files contain the initial conditions that are used to start a GEOS-Chem simulation. Restart files are also written to disk at the end of each GEOS-Chem simulation, and can be used to initialize the subsequent simulation stage.
Diagnostic output files Diagnostic output files contain quantities that are archived from a GEOS-Chem simulation. These can be used in your scientific analysis.

Further reading

  1. Guide to netCDF in GEOS-Chem
  2. Guide to GEOS-Chem diagnostics

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