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On this page we list the priorities for ongoing GEOS-Chem model development. We also list the items that were once identified as priorities but have since been added to the standard mainline GEOS-Chem code.

List of priorities identified at IGC5

This is a list of planned GEOS-Chem model development items, based on discussions and Working Group reports from the and 5th International GEOS-Chem Meeting (aka IGC5). The key model developer or model contact is identified for each item.

We count on user input to augment and prioritize this list, please contact your Working Group Chair or model scientist Daniel Jacob.

For immediate implementation (awaiting release)

Item Author(s) Status
APM aerosol microphysics Fangqun Yu (SUNY Albany) Added to v9-01-02; awaiting release
GFED3 biomass burning Prasad Kasibhatla (Duke) Added to v9-01-02; awaiting release
FAA/AEDT aircraft emissions inventory Steven Barrett et al (MIT)
Aerosol deposition over snow/ice Jenny Fisher (Harvard) Added to v9-01-02; awaiting release
Seasonal variation of Asian NH3 emissions Jenny Fisher (Harvard) Added to v9-01-02; awaiting release
Cleanup of AOD diagnostics Sungshik Patrick Kim (Harvard) Added to v9-01-02; awaiting release
RETRO anthropogenic VOC emissions Dylan Millet (U. Minnesota) Added to v9-01-02; awaiting release

--Bob Y. 15:56, 23 August 2011 (EDT)

Ready to go in

Item Author(s) Status
Nested-grid Hg simulation Lyatt Jaeglé (U. Washington)
Nested-grid CO2 simulation Yuxuan Wang (Tsinghua U.)
Stratospheric P and k (monthly climatological) Lee Murray (Harvard)
Inorganic chemistry updates Mat Evans (Leeds)
GEIA 2005 Hg emissions Bess Corbitt (Harvard) Delivered to GCST
Expanded SOA Havala Pye (EPA/ORD) Delivered to GCST, undergoing final testing
Dust submicron size distribution for optics David Ridley (Colo. State)
GEIA emissions scale factor fix Dylan Millet (U. Minnesota) Added to v9-01-02; awaiting release
Longwave & shortwave RF codes for chemistry-climate Fangqun Yu (SUNY Albany)
Improved sea salt emission & deposition Lyatt Jaeglé (U. Washington) Code delivered to GCST, awaiting implementation
Improved snow scavenging and washout parameterization Qiaoqiao Wang (Harvard)

--Bob Y. 11:04, 30 August 2011 (EDT)

Almost there (< 6 months)

Item Author(s) Status
New soil NOx emission module Rynda Hudman (UC Berkeley) Code delivered to GCST, awaiting implementation
APM capability for nested grid Fangqun Yu (SUNY Albany)
TOMAS capability for nested grid Jeff Pierce (Dalhousie)
Fix of global OH diagnostic Mat Evans (Leeds)
Jingqiu Mao (NOAA/GFDL)
Chemical updates for atmospheric Hg Bess Corbitt (Harvard)
Jenny Fisher (Harvard)
Streets future Hg emissions Bess Corbitt (Harvard)
EPA/NEI2005 Hg emissions for US Lyatt Jaeglé (U. Washington)
Hg(II) gas-aerosol partitioning Helen Amos (Harvard)
Update to EDGAR 4 anthropogenic emissions Qiang Zhang (Tsinghua)
Updated diurnal variation of US NEI emissions Rynda Hudman (UC Berkeley)
Satellite-based NOx emission trends Lok Lamsal (NASA GSFC)
PARANOX ship plume emissions Geert Vinken (Eindhoven)
Interannual lightning Lee Murray (Harvard)
Primary marine OA emissions Kateryna Lapina (CSU)
Complete shift of biogenic VOC emissions from GEIA to MEGAN; retire GEIA Dylan Millet (U. Minnesota) Slated for v9-01-03
Update HCN simulation Qian Li (U. Edinburgh)
Dylan Jones (U. Toronto)
Implement GISS advection scheme for GISS-driven applications GEOS-Chem Support Team

--Bob Y. 11:10, 6 June 2011 (EDT)

Over the horizion (6-12 months)

Item Author(s) Status
Working with GEOS-5.7.2 GEOS-Chem Support Team Ongoing
Nested-grid model at 0.25° x 0.3125° resolution Yuxuan Wang (Tsinghua)
High-resolution emissions for above nested-grid model Yuxuan Wang (Tsinghua)
Improved acetone simulation Emily Fischer (Harvard) Slated for inclusion in v9-01-03
Tropospheric bromine chemistry Justin Parrella (Harvard)
OVOC's dry deposition Jingqiu Mao (NOAA/GFDL)
Improved planeflight diagnostic Mat Evans (Leeds)
Chemistry diagnostics Mat Evans (Leeds)
Documentation of chemical mechanism Jingqiu Mao (NOAA/GFDL)
Box model version of GEOS-Chem chemical mechanism Jingqiu Mao (NOAA/GFDL)
Improved operator splitting Mauricio Santillana (Harvard)
Updated dicarbonyl simulation May Fu (Peking U.)
3-D VOC source for tagged CO simulations Dylan Jones (U. Toronto)
Replace CASA CO2 biosphere climatology with year-specific fluxes Ray Nassar (Environment Canada)
Dylan Jones (U. Toronto)
Satellite diagnostic for XCO2 Liang Feng (U. Edinburgh)
Move to 2° x 2.5° versions of GISS GCM ModelE and Model3 Loretta Mickley (Harvard) For more information, please see the GISS Model E Memo
by (Lee Murray and Loretta Mickley).
Implement IPCC AR5 scenarios Loretta Mickley (Harvard)
CO2 inhibition effect for isoprene emisison Loretta Mickley (Harvard)

--Bob Y. 11:25, 30 August 2011 (EDT)

Longer term (> 12 months)

Item Author(s) Status
Grid-independent GEOS-Chem GEOS-Chem Support Team Development is ongoing
Improved dust simulation in nested-grid model Rokjin Park (Seoul Nat'l Univ.)
Isoprene chemistry Mat Evans (Leeds)
Jingqiu Mao (NOAA/GFDL)
Improved atmospheric-ocean-land coupling of Hg simulation Hg and POPs Working Group
Unified emissions pre-processor Qiang Zhang (Tsinghua)
Update Asian emissions Qiang Zhang (Tsinghua)
Primary biological aerosol particles (PBAP's) Colette Heald (Colo. State) Only to be implemented if users identified
Unified radiative forcing module for GEOS-Chem Aerosols Working Group Under discussion/investigation
Effective meteorolgical fields for dust and sea-salt emissions GEOS-Chem Support Team
Dust simulation expansion; tagged simulation, oxalate, Fe, P Matthew Johnson (NCSU)
Cloudwater pH for sulfate formation Becky Alexander (U. Washington)
Benchmark for aerosol deposition Colette Heald (Colo. State) TBD
Tagged sulfate and nitrate simulation Becky Alexander (U. Washington)
Read emission data at native resolution and regrid on the fly GEOS-Chem Support Team
Improve ocean CO2 flux and resolution of anthropogenic sources Ray Nassar (Environment Canada)
CESM/CAM5 interface for chemistry-climate Rokjin Park (Seoul Nat'l Univ.)
Joshua Fu (U. Tennessee)
Link column version of GEOS-Chem with GEOS-GCM for chemistry-climate GEOS-Chem Support Team

--Bob Y. 11:33, 6 June 2011 (EDT)

Items that are now included in GEOS-Chem

Here we list new features that have since been brought into the standard mainline GEOS-Chem code. Each of these was identified as a priority at the [5th International GEOS-Chem Meeting in 2011 (aka IGC5).

Item Author(s) Completion Date
FlexAOD postprocessor Gabriele Curci (U. L'Aquila) 26 May 2011

--Bob Y. 12:31, 13 June 2011 (EDT)