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This is a list of planned GEOS-Chem model development over the next two years, based on discussions and GEOS-Chem Working Group reports from the April 2009 GEOS-Chem Users' Meeting. The key model developer or model contact is identified for each item. Items are listed in rough order of decreasing readiness, although this can quickly change.

We count on user input to augment and prioritize this list, please contact your Working Group Chair or model scientist Daniel Jacob.

Item Author(s) Status
Linoz stratospheric ozone Dylan Jones awaiting transfer of code
Improved BL mixing scheme Jintai Lin Now included in GEOS-Chem v8-01-02
(released 08 Jun 2009)
Addition of aromatics to SOA simulation Daven Henze to be added in short order following v8-02-01 release
BC/OC aerosol emissions from Bond inventory Eric Leibensperger Now included in GEOS-Chem v8-01-02
(released 08 Jun 2009)
KPP chemical solver Kumaresh Singh  
Local stratospheric ozone column from GEOS-5 GEOS-Chem Support Team  
Methane including tagged tracers Kevin Wecht  
Flexible region mask for tagged tracers Dylan Jones
Prasad Kasibhatla
Update aerosol optical properties Colette Heald  
Archive tropospheric OH fields from benchmark runs GEOS-Chem Support Team  
Updated strat chem. from GMI Combo Dylan Jones  
Acquire long-term MERRA archive GEOS-Chem Support Team  
Convert model output to NetCDF GEOS-Chem Support Team  
Common model adjoint and documentation Daven Henze
Kumaresh Singh
Monika Kopacz
Code merging session scheduled for
June 6-9 @ Virginia Tech
Global 1x1.25 model capability Lok Lamsal  
Aerosol data sets for benchmarking Colette Heald  
CO2 including tagged tracers Ray Nassar  
Data servers for chemistry/climate databases Loretta Mickley  
GFED3 biomass burning Prasad Kasibhatla  
Chemical updates Mat Evans
Fabien Paulot
Jingqiu Mao
Paul Palmer
Updated chemical mechanism file ("globchem.dat")
to be released with v8-02-01;
see documentation
Updated aircraft emissions Lee Murray  
Sectional aerosol Fangqun Yu
Peter Adams
Interannual lightning Lee Murray  
Thanos Nenes
Becky Alexander
Fire injection heights Maria Val Martin  
CCSM3 interface Rokjin Park  
Soil NOx emission Randall Martin
Rynda Hudman
Anthropogenic VOCs update Dylan Millet
PBAP Colette Heald  
Sulfate/nitrate isotopes Becky Alexander  
Tropospheric bromine chemistry Justin Parrella  
ESMF/MPI capability GEOS-Chem Support Team Currently working on columnizing the
GEOS-Chem chemistry code for inclusion
into the GEOS-5 GCM
Spatial reduction mechanism Mauricio Santillana  
GISS Model E interface Lee Murray  
Terrestrial and deep ocean mercury Nicole Smith-Downey
Elsie Sunderland

--Bob Y. 12:47, 7 May 2009 (EDT)