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We will be adding some more information here shortly. In the meantime, please see our Guide to GEOS-Chem diagnostics for more information about files that are generated by the various GEOS_Chem diagnostics.

History diagnostics output

The following files, which correspond to the default History diagnostic collections, will be created in the OutputDir/ folder in your GEOS-Chem run directory. You can prevent any of these files by commenting out the collection name in the HISTORY.rc configuration file. You can also add your own new collections (i.e. requesting species concentrations for both time-averaged and instantaneous averaging modes) by updating HISTORY.rc.

For more information, please see our Guide to GEOS-Chem History diagnostics.

List of History output files by collection

In the table below, YYYYMMDD and hhmms corresponds to the simulation date and time at which the file was created. The z indicates UTC (sometimes called "Zulu" time).

If not otherwise specified, you can assume that the collection was introduced in 12.0.0.

Diagnostic file name Collection Created by Added/Removed
GEOSChem.AdvFluxVert.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 AdvFluxVert
  • All simulations
  • Typically used only with benchmark
GEOSChem.AerosolMass.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 AerosolMass
  • All full-chemistry simulations
  • Aerosol-only simulations
GEOSChem.Aerosols.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 Aerosols
  • All full-chemistry simulations
  • Aerosol-only simulations
GEOSChem.BoundaryConditions.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 BoundaryConditions
  • Can be created by all simulations
  • Can be read in by nested-grid simulations
GEOSChem.Budget.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 Budget
  • All simulations
GEOSChem.CH4.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 CH4
  • CH4 simulations
GEOSChem.CloudConvFlux.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 CloudConvFlux
  • All simulations
GEOSChem.ConcAboveSfc.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 ConcAboveSfc
  • Full-chemistry simulations
GEOSChem.ConcAfterChem.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 ConcAfterChem
  • All full-chemistry simulations
  • CH4 simulation
GEOSChem.DryDep.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 DryDep
  • All simulations with dry-depositing species
GEOSChem.Jvalues.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 JValues
  • All full-chemistry simulations
GEOSChem.KppDiags.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 KppDiags
  • All full-chemistry simulations
GEOSChem.LevelEdgeDiags.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 LevelEdgeDiags
  • All simulations
GEOSChem.ProdLoss.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 ProdLoss
  • All full-chemistry simulations
  • Aerosol-only simulation
  • tagCO simulation
  • tagO3 simulation
GEOSChem.RadioNuclide.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 RadioNuclide
  • TransportTraces simulation
GEOSChem.SpeciesConc.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 SpeciesConc
  • All simulations
GEOSChem.StateChm.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 StateChm
  • All simulations
GEOSChem.StateMet.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 StateMet
  • All simulations
GEOSChem.Transport.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 Transport
  • All simulations
  • Typicaly only used with benchmark
GEOSChem.WetLossConv.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 WetLossConv
  • All simulations with soluble species
GEOSChem.WetLossLS.YYYYMMDD_hhmmz.nc4 WetLossLS
  • All simulations with soluble species

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