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(User-editable configuration files)
(User-editable configuration files)
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  1. Minimum system requirements (and software installation)
  2. Configuring your computational environment
  3. Downloading source code
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  5. Creating run directories
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List of GEOS-Chem configuration files

This page describes the configuration files that are read by GEOS-Chem. Several configuration files are automaticaly added to a GEOS-Chem run directory when it is created. Other configuration files are located in the source code or in the GEOS-Chem data directories. The configuration files contain "out-of-the-box" default settings for each type of GEOS-Chem simulation. But you can edit these files to customize your GEOS-Chem simulation with different options.

User-editable configuration files

These configuration files that specify user inputs are located in each GEOS-Chem run directory.

You can edit any of the default settings in these files to change the options that will be used in your GEOS-Chem simulation.

File Description Also see
input.geos File containing all GEOS-Chem user options, such as:
  • Start & end time of the simulation
  • Grid definitions
  • Which processes (e.g. chemistry, transport, dry deposition, etc.) to turn on,
  • etc.
NOTE: input.geos has been migrated to a YAML format configuration file named geoschem_config.yml in GEOS-Chem 14.0.0 and later versions.
geoschem_config.yml Main GEOS-Chem configuration file (replacing input.geos) in GEOS-Chem 14.0.0 and later versions geos-chem.readthedocs.io
HEMCO_Config.rc Specifies emission inventories (as well as other data sources) that you want to read into in GEOS-Chem via the Harmonized Emisions Component (HEMCO). hemco.readthedocs.io
HEMCO_Diagn.rc Specifies diagnostic archival options for emissions and related quantities computed by the Harmonized Emisions Component (HEMCO). hemco.readthedocs.io
HISTORY.rc Specifies which GEOS-Chem diagnostics will be archived to netCDF output (for both GEOS-Chem "Classic" and GCHP modes) Guide to GEOS-Chem History diagnostics

Photolysis and chemistry mechanism configuration files

This content has been migrated to the Photolysis and chemistry configuration files chapter of geos-chem.readthedocs.io.

GEOS-Chem species database

This content has been moved to the species_database.yml chapter of geos-chem.readthedocs.io

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