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Welcome to the GEOS-Chem High Performance (GCHP) Working Group wiki page! GCHP represents the next generation of GEOS-Chem with a distributed memory capability enabling efficient scaling across many cores and finer resolution simulations. GCHP also has the advantage of using a cubed-sphere geometry enabling more accurate transport and eliminating the polar singularity inherent to lat-lon grids.

If you are working on a project using GCHP, please add your name and project description to the GCHP projects list located on this page. Also help us pool performance information across systems by contributing your GCHP run information, including your system specifications, on our GCHP Timing Tests page.

If you would like to stay informed of GCHP developments, please join the GEOS-Chem High Performance Working Group mailing list. We also encourage you to join our GCHP Slack workspace. Please contact the GEOS-Chem Support Team with GCHP questions and feedback.

Contact information


GEOS-Chem HP Working Group Chairs
GEOS-Chem HP email list geos-chem-hp [at]
To subscribe to email list Either
  • Send an email to geos-chem-hp+subscribe [at]


To unsubscribe from email list Either
  • Send an email to geos-chem-hp+unsubscribe [at]



The GCHP workspace on Slack facilitates easy communication between GCHP users. Contact the Lizzie Lundgren (elundgren [at] to join.

Current GCHP Projects

If you are working on a project using GCHP, please add your group name, contact information, and a short description of your project to the table below.

Contact Person User Group Description
Lizzie Lundgren Atmospheric Chemistry Modeling Group, Harvard Core development, validation, and documentation; migration to new version of MAPL
Jintai Lin ACM @ PKU Impacts of small-scale processes on global and regional chemistry (OH, O3 and CO in particular)
Christoph Keller GMAO Coupling of GEOS-Chem to the GEOS Earth System Model and Data Assimilation System.
Daniel Rothenberg Selin Group, MIT Offline simulations with CESM/CAM meteorology
Add yours here!    

Performance Reports

If you are using GCHP, whether for a scientific project or simply to test out on your local system, please share your successful run information on our Timing Tests wiki page. Please report any bugs you find to the GEOS-Chem Support Team so that we can promptly address them.